Health is Wealth. We tend to forget that weight loss should not be too complicated and the reason why it seems so hard is that we don't take time to understand it from all the internet noise, fat diets, and slimming products on the market. 

MadammeBae is an online community and brand focused on healthy weight loss, healthy recipe alternatives, wellness and the daily hustle targeting women of all ages — originally a food blog that slowly branched out to creating healthy recipe alternatives for comfort food and now fully helping women feel comfortable in their own skins. 

Our weight loss programs are designed to help you create personalized meal plans, be able to workout anywhere with provided workout videos, progress trackers and daily one-on-one accountability so that you get your money’s worth and real results.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, and 90 days to create a lifestyle — we recommend that our clients go through the whole 3 months because, only then, will they not only lose weight but learn how to be healthy and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Video: Sheila Muwanga of MadammeBae

Mindset is one of the key elements because we all have high and low moments, so we need a constant reminder that we are great and are doing great. We believe that when you are in the perfect state of mind you are unstoppable not only to lose weight but to do anything in this world.

Weight loss has always been a struggle of mine, and that is why I am dedicated to making it easy and fun — the whole way — by helping and empowering other people to grow and do great things. For me personally, weight loss has taught me so many things which have led me to create and grow our brand and community. 

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