With all that is going around about Wendy Williams right now from the status of her health, to the possibility of her returning to air and so on, we must remember that she is a pioneer in the game. Let us take a trip down memory lane to jog our memories of how Wendy became THAT girl.

Getting Her Start In The Industry

Although Wendy may not be known for the most positive reasons, the Queen of Gossip isn’t called the queen for no reason. Getting her start in the industry was not easy, but it was needed to shape the careers of so many who followed her footsteps.

She got her start working for New York’s WBLS radio station. There, she had her own gossip segment in the mornings called “Dish the Dirt.” This was where her villain story began.

The station would often receive calls from the celebrities she gossiped about, demanding she be fired but to no avail. The segment got so popular that she moved from the morning time slot to the evening and eventually became the highest rated host in that time slot in the NYC market.

Cameos In TV And Film

Wendy Williams had the 90’s and early 2000’s on lock! She showed up to every industry party and attended the biggest award shows (even took some awards home too).

Because of her status in the industry, TV and film directors had to have her in their projects. The best part for her? All she had to do was show up on set as herself. She made an appearance on “Martin” in 1992, as well as early 2000’s movie, “The Cookout”. She even made appearances on “30 Rock” and “Law and Order: SVU” in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The radio star eventually made her acting debut as Phyllis Rose on the hit soap opera “One life to Live.”

It’s safe to say Wendy Williams was a hot commodity in pop culture during her prime.

She Served On And Off Air

Wendy Williams was known well for being the gossip queen but let’s not forget that she also served looks! Check out some of these resurfaced throwbacks.

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