Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba have recently announced that they are embarking on a joint business venture together. The venture, a genderless skincare line, is called S'able Labs and is an ode to the couple's last name spelled backward. The gender-neutral skincare line will emphasize ethically supplying toxic-free beauty products to buyers. 

Sabrina Elba told Ebony magazine the concept of the skincare line "opened up the idea of well-being and self-care that we hadn't thought of before—looking at wellness from the outside in, in terms of your community and who's around you. That's when it clicked," said Sabrina. In addition to launching their skincare line, the couple will also introduce their fans to their podcast series called Coupledom

The podcast is also linked to the skincare brand's website, and according to the website, the podcast is an opportunity for people to engage with "some of the world's most interesting duos for honest, unguarded conversations about all the complexities of living a shared life. Along the way, they'll unlock wisdom for those of us navigating our own coupledoms and for those still seeking their perfect match."

According to the couple, the skincare line will be affordable but also luxurious. With the line, they aim to address common major skin issues like hyperpigmentation. S'able Labs is anticipated to make its debut this summer.