There are many people who prioritize nail care in their monthly pampering regimen. With that being said, the constant stripping of nail beds and the application of harsh chemicals leads to unhealthy nails. Who wants that? The latest attempt to make nail care healthier but still cute, can be found in a new trend called Aprés nails.

What exactly are Aprés nails?

Aprés is the first soft gel nail extension system. They are the combination of a gel manicure, press-on nail and acrylic all in one. The extension is applied to the entire nail, unlike tips that are only applied to the top portion of the nail. Due to being made entirely from gel, Aprés is much thinner than traditional acrylic. It is clear, making it easier to achieve more intricate looks. Apés also comes in a variety of shapes, eliminating the need to file down to a desired style.

What Makes Them Better?

People prefer Aprés nails for several reasons. One, is that they promotes healthy nail growth. Since they cover the entire nail bed, they allow the nail space to grow without restrictions. Also, since Aprés is made with gel, it is easy to soak off. Similar to any gel manicure, removal is simple with an acetone soak. Another plus is that if done by a professional, they can last for up to 4 weeks.

Additionally, there’s no hard drilling with Aprés, so nail beds aren’t susceptible to damage before or after treatment. There are a few other health benefits that many aren’t aware of. The “salon smell” that many grow to love, comes from the toxins that are in acrylic powder. Chemicals like formaldehyde and casting resins aren’t good to consistently inhale, hence why many nail techs wear masks when at work. The use of Aprés eliminates that issue.

Aprés is not cheap, however. Typical designs can range from $100-$300. For many converts, the outcome is worth it in the long run. Either way, Aprés nails are worth a try for your next nail inspiration.