Dreams have a unique way of telling us important messages we need to hear from our subconscious minds. Think of dreaming of an ex or being kidnapped, these dreams are ways our internal realities may be trying to make sense of what’s occurring in our external worlds. No matter what’s occurring in our waking lives, remaining open to messages sent directly from our higher selves is one of the best ways to stay spiritually and emotionally connected to the world around us while building a strong relationship with ourselves in the process. If you have been dreaming of flying lately in your dreams, there are a few important reasons behind what your subconscious and spiritual mind is trying to tell you. From undergoing a current spiritual ascension to connecting with our spirit guides on an interpersonal level, we’ve broken down some of the most important reasons why you may be dreaming of flying.

Knowing all the possible meanings your dreams may be trying to communicate is essential to being able to decode them. Depending on the context, specific events and people present within your dream, it can have a variety of meanings. Having all the facts will help you to decide the dream and apply the correct message to your waking life.

Flying In A Dream Signifies Freedom and Liberation

Flying in a dream can symbolize a sense of freedom and liberation. whether it’s breaking free from limitations, constraints, or burdens, it ultimately signifies a desire for more independence and the ability to rise above challenges.

It Signifies Spiritual Ascension

Flying in a dream can signify going through a spiritual transformation or embarking on a journey of enlightenment. It signifies a connection with higher realms and speaks to an expansion of consciousness with our higher selves.

It May Signify Overcoming Obstacles

When experiencing a dream about flying, this can indicate that your strength and determination to get through challenges has not gone unnoticed and that you will soon be rewarded for your efforts. By symbolizing an ability to rise above difficult situations, flying in a dream reflects finding solutions and gaining a new perspective on how we view challenges and conflicts in our lives.

Flying In A Dream Signifies Expanding Perspective

Flying dreams can also signify, a broader and expanded view of life by seeing things from a higher perspective. If something may not have necessarily worked out as you would have hoped, these dreams can indicate that the universe may be trying to protect you and redirect you on the path that’s meant for your soul’s ascension.

It Is A Connection with Spirit Guides or Angels

Flying in dreams is a great indicator that your connection to the divine is strong and that the presence of your angels and ancestors is with you always. By offering their support, protection, and assistance on your spiritual path, our angels are always watching us and want us to know that we’re never alone on this life journey.

The Takeaway of Flying In A Dream

If you experience a flying dream, this can indicate that you’re undergoing an important change in your life. Whether it’s ascending to a higher form of consciousness by releasing limitations and things that may be holding you back, flying dreams are incredibly symbolic of freedom, liberation, and new beginnings. By staying receptive to the messages that are present within your flying dream, you can better interpret how they relate to your own life experiences.

After decoding the dream, it is best to cement its meaning in your life by physicalizing it in some way. Whether that be through planting a flower, painting on a canvas, keeping a dream journal or writing a poem, acknowledge the dream in a small yet meaningful way to you. This will help the meaning of the dream sink into your mind, so that you can begin to let the dream’s message influence and change your life for the better.