If you’ve been on the Gen Z side of TikTok you have more than likely seen several different style trends. We’ve witnessed the rise of styles like Barbiecore and Tenniscore but a new supreme is taking over the internet. Make way for Aliyahcore.



♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude

Aliyahcore may seem like a simple style to pull off but you have to make sure you encompass all of its elements. The style is a mix of Y2K fashion trends, alt girl/emo style, and of course a drizzle of Black girl magic. Users on TikTok have been debating for months on the originality of the style. Some argue that it’s not creative and is a style that has been around for years. Others acknowledge that styles like it have been around, but have never been done in this fashion.

To learn more about the trend, we have to get into its creator, Aliyah.

Who Is Aliyahcore Based Off Of?


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♬ original sound – aliyahsinterlude

Aliyah is a YouTuber and TikTok user who has a passion for fashion. She has always taken to the app to post her outfits. After seeing that other users on her app gravitated toward her style, she decided to categorize it. Thus inventing the term, Aliyahcore.

Most people may think naming a style after yourself can be a little vain. Aliyah doesn’t see it that way. She believes that Aliyahcore is a way to express yourself unapologetically. She is dedicated to the style as well. Many of her followers have called her out for even wearing her full style on the beach– yes, even the boots.

The YouTuber spreads knowledge about the style all through her social media accounts. It’s sort of like a campaign. She wants to make sure the world knows who created this look. One aspect about her that people seem to gravitate to is her confidence. She consistently shows up as 100% herself (including the outfit). She is unafraid of being judged, doesn’t care at all about the male gaze and overall just wants to make a statement.

Aliyah has often made it clear that confidence is a part of the fit. You can’t wear Aliyahcore and not know that you are without a doubt, that girl. Aliyah walks through her life exuding confidence and that is what makes the outfits so unique. But you may even be wondering how exactly you should style Aliyahcore.

How To Style Aliyahcore

According to Aliyah’s YouTube account, there is a very specific way to style your Aliyahcore outfits. The process only has a short list of variations. Overall, the look is very concise and you must follow the guidelines

The first step is the miniskirt. This is where the first possibility of a variation comes into play. In circumstances where a skirt is not available, accessible, or permissible you can wear low-rise jeans. However, the mini skirt is the priority. There is no specific type of mini skirt to go with. Aliyah has switched from denim tennis to plain old tennis, to regular denim skirt to even a skirt similar to a tied bikini coverup.

Next step if the top. You don’t not have an Aliyahcore look without some sort of fishnet top. Then you add a layer of some sort of crop top or corset. She has even thrown a bikini top on over the fishnet. once you’ve added these pieces together, you’ve finished with the base of the look.

Next is the belt. An Aliyahcore staple is having two forms of a belt on at all times. You can choose a regular belt, studded belt, or chain then mix and match the combinations. Sticking to the realm of things that wrap around you, you must then add a garter to your leg. There’s no ifs, and or buts about that.

Next, you can opt to wear gloves. That isn’t a necessity for the style, however. The next accessory you are to add is a furry set of ear muffs. This step is indeed a necessity to the style. You’d next get a pair of legwarmers to match the ear muff. Once all of that is done, you are too add a pair of moon boots and you’e done!

You can also add extra charms and a cute small bag to spice up the look.

Make sure to stay connected with Aliyah to get the latest on her ever-evolving new style that the internet just cant get enough of!