Lotus Theory — a multifaceted company that incorporates both mental and physical health services — evolved from my own personal journey and my own profound desire to find balance in my life.

My life, like most others, was full of various highs and lows which strongly impacted me at times. After close examination, I realized that my ability to cope with the positive and negative was directly determined by my emotional and physical well being. For instance, if I wasn’t well emotionally or physically, I often found myself feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. On the other hand, when I was feeling my best both physically and emotionally, I remained calm and level-headed. It was then that I realized that the key to my happiness and ultimately my success was balance. I wanted sustainable happiness, peace and a better sense of self…who doesn't? Therefore, in order to achieve that, I knew I had to work on myself both inside and out.

But, what exactly did this mean? For me, this meant dedicating time to myself. I sat in silence, meditating, in an effort to quiet my mind so that I could hear what my heart needed. I began to pay attention…I started to pay more attention to things that fulfilled me and made my heart smile; watching the sunset, relationships with my love ones, even punching a boxing bag.

While I realized how much joy these things brought me, I also started to realize and understand my sensitivity to unforeseen challenges and how much they impacted me. I started to identify the things that I truly enjoy doing by myself or with others and the relationships that mean the most to me. I began taking inventory of the things that need to be in order to achieve a healthy, positive lifestyle and reach MY ideal growth.

Ultimately, I began to conduct what I call “self-scans”.  For instance, when I started to feel lonely, sad or just frustrated with this thing we call life, I did a full body and soul scan. I asked myself when was the last time I saw my family, was I happy with my career and if not, what could I do differently? I asked myself if I had been challenging myself the way I know I could or have I had a moment where I can be with nature or watch a comedy? 

I soon realized that these “self-scans” were components of my personal formula to achieve balance. Through the creation of Lotus Theory, I realized I had been working on my formula my entire life. Since I can remember, I've sought to achieve total serenity, strength, love, balance, even life. I realized that I subconsciously surrounded myself with these words in the form of art to almost serve as reminders of my ultimate life goals, from hanging pictures of serene landscapes and motivational quotes throughout my home to having “serenidad” which is “serenity” in Spanish tattooed on me. I say all of this to say that we constantly look everywhere else for the answers that we already have inside of us, that we have been working on our entire life — we just haven’t taken the time to look.

By creating and implementing my personal formula, I achieved my balance. I'm finally at peace and it seemed selfish and somehow less rewarding not to share this formula with as many people as possible.

It is so important to listen to yourself, soul and your heart, because ultimately we already have all the answers we need, sometimes we just need a little help identifying them. This is where Lotus Theory comes in. It encourages you to listen, to search, to be honest with yourself without judgment and ultimately to create your balance.