The red nail theory has become a viral topic on TikTok with many women discussing their experiences.

What Is The Red Nail Theory?

The red nail theory was first explained on TikTok by Tiktoker @girlbosstown, who explained how much extra male attention she received after getting a red manicure.

“I always thought red nails was like a grandma nail color,” she says in the video. “… And then it hit me. In the ’90s, when we were growing up, women had red nails a lot, especially, like, our moms — and I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms when they were growing up, taking care of them.”

Black celebrity nail Trenna Seney (@lovetrenna) discusses the theory further and explains the significance behind the color red.

“This is me going off my experience as a nail tech, red is a power color, it’s a bold color….on a woman, it screams confidence,” she says in her TikTok video breaking the theory down. “Red is seen as a color of prosperity as well as financial prosperity.”’

How Effective Is It?

Other women on TikTok chimed in with their stories of how successful the red nail theory is.


“So today I stopped by Starbucks and I was holding my drink and leaving Starbucks when this man just like comes rushing after me…and just had to get my phone number,” says Haitian realtor Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere( @annesophiepf), who is a cast member of Selling Tampa).

TikTok user, Niké (@nikeliketheshoe) shared that she had been wearing nail polish as a staple since she was a teenager. Though often she would receive judgment from people who deemed red nail polish as an “old lady” color.

“I have worn the same exact color for 15 years and that’s because it works,” she shares. “When I go to meetings, I know I need to have a fresh nail polish on [because] I know I’m most likely going to close out that deal. When I go on a date I only wear, red lips, red nails, red dress on the first dates.”

So it might just be time to test out this theory if you’re looking to boost in your love life or confidence in general.