Is there anything a mother a can't do? None come to our minds. Moms are the first responders, the first line of defense for their children, the backbone of the family. A mother not only juggles the wants, needs and responsibilities of herself, but also every member of her surrounding family. Let's call mothers for what they truly are — superSHEroes. 

Day 3 of our #BossWoman Fitness Challenge, brought to you by GrpFit, highlights mothers and how they achieve their fitness wellness. Here's what co-founder, Richard Bailey, had to say on what it takes to be a fit mom.

I know there are plenty of mothers out there wanting to alter their lifestyle into a more healthy and fit one, but can’t seem to find the balance between being a mom and being healthy and fit. You all are probably thinking “How can we possibly have a full-time job, take care of the kids, cook dinner, play wife, and still find time to hit the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle?” Seems unlikely right? But we have talked to a few mothers who have managed to do it all.

Since our Fit Mommie Diaries docuseries, we have talked to three mothers asking them a series of questions that pertain to how they maintain their fit lifestyle as busy working moms and what challenges they faced during and after pregnancy. Here is what most of them had to say:

1. Make the Time/Plan

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Many of the moms we got the chance to talk to made this their number one rule. Making time and planning ahead is essential in making sure that you can maintain your fitness routines. Instead of playing it by ear, you should instead purposely put it on your schedule so you can do it. If that requires waking up a little earlier to make sure you have time during the day, then do just that. Instead of making excuses, make time for yourself to workout. I know that it can be stressful to try and cook meals every night, especially foods on the healthier side. So take advantage of meal prepping for the week if you have a busy schedule. Pick a day out the week where you can prep those meals and that will cut down on one of your worries.

2. Treat Exercise as “Me-Time”

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One of the moms we interviewed definitely takes her kids along the ride with her during her workout. For her, this keeps her going and motivated to maintaining this routine and she wants to be an inspiration for them. Two of our other moms both agreed, in contrast, that they use exercise and fitness as their time away and escape from the hectic nature of mom and wife life. Of course, this is nothing against mothers who want to take their kids along the ride with them. However, if you need to get away sometimes, use your fitness routine as your hour or so as a mental and physical escape. Sometimes we seem to look at exercise as a chore or something we do not want to do, but simply have to do. Change your mindset and look at your workout as time for self-care. People, especially parents and mothers, need to take time away from their busy lives to take care of themselves. If you are so caught up in caring for others, you may end up neglecting your self-needs. So, treat exercise as your moment that is about you and the good you are doing for your mental, spiritual, and physical health.

3. Get Creative

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If you are the type of mom who is just super busy, then it may be time for you to get creative. A lot of the moms we talked to, found plenty of ways to keep up their exercise routine as new mothers and even while they were pregnant. I know it may seem challenging to keep up with your routine while pregnant or even start a routine after you have children. But it is possible. If you don’t have time to work out in the gym, workout at home. Like some of the moms we have interviewed, you could even workout with your kids. Let them be a part of your workout so you can get it in where you can. Take your kids to the park and use the monkey bars or other parts of the playground and workout while you have a fun day with the kids. Or even at the gym, you can enroll them in swimming lessons or the soccer team while you keep active and even let your kids get active also.

4. Understand the “Why?”

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Before you even begin your journey, understand why you are doing it in the first place. What has inspired you to even consider starting this new healthy and fit lifestyle? Have you had recent health issues? Do you want to be an inspiration for your kids? Or do you simply just want to do better for yourself because you are unhappy with your current weight or fitness lifestyle? Whatever the reason may be, figure that out so you can fully commit. If you have no understanding, it will be difficult to see the journey and dedicate yourself to that journey.

5. Remember You Are Not Perfect

I know that as a mother it seems like you have to be able to do it all and still keep a smile on your face. But remember that, you are human and you can’t put that type of pressure on yourself. You will have your challenges along the way as you start this journey. Some good days, and some rough days. However, just push through and do not put so much on yourself that your mental health begins to suffer.

For more on what it takes to be a fit mom, check out GrpFit's Fit Mommie Diaries docuseries below. In this episode, Christina Lumpkin, fit mother of two and wellness coach, speaks about keeping her kids active in her fitness lifestyle.

Video: GrpFit featuring Christina Lumpkin

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