Lizzo is Winning And We Love to See It.

Whether you love her or hate her, Lizzo has proven that she is the ultimate class act and a bona fide entertainer. Ever since she began a well-known name, Lizzo has managed to carve out her name for herself by being a flamboyant, happy-go-lucky person with a strong passion for body positivity.

Slaying Saturday Night Live

Lizzo recently made a debut on the “Saturday Night Live” show as a first-time host. She also performed two of her new songs on the show as a musical guest. Since the SNL episode, fans have been captivated by the way Lizzo carried the show along with her spunk, sense of humor, and confidence. The Detroit native who recently opened up about her new instantly proved to many why she is an undeniable star.

A Talent

The multi-talented artist has earned many accolades, from Grammys to BET and NAACP Image awards. In addition to these, she is also a classically-trained flutist who has also starred in movies like “Hustlers” with the likes of Jennifer Lopez. Time after time, she has shown that her talent transcends music, and she deserves her spot. Last month, Lizzo also became a reality TV star and, in the spirit of body positivity, decided to launch a shapewear line called Yitty, a brand that aims to make women feel “unapologetically good” about themselves.

We can’t wait to see what Lizzo does with her career next. After an excellent display of her comic talents in the episode of Saturday Night Live that has instantly become a fan-favorite

Lizzo has overcome a lot of adversity, online backlash, and body shaming. Despite all of these pushbacks, the singer has continued to show a passion for her art and resilience. From the indication of everything, Lizzo has many positive things going on in her life right now, and we are rooting for her.