The bold and risk-taking nature of Sagittarius is unmistakeable. Sag’s are known for their charisma and slight savagery but there is so much more to uncover.

Represented by the centaur, the Sagittarius zodiac sign (November 22 – December 21) is known for thought, action and a sprinkling of wanderlust. As a fire sign, Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter translating into a fiery and expansive personality. The ninth sign of the zodiac is not only a doer (and a thinker and a hot-headed feeler) but also a lover of life. Being a mutable sign means they’re happy to adapt and live life with complete ease. Read on to explore this zodiac sign’s quirks. 

Get to Know the Sag in Your Life

The Most Adventurous Sign of the Zodiac

Sagittarius is by far the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. It’s within this sign’s nature to go wherever they feel most called. You’re likely to find a Sagittarius living a life of intense curiosity and constant travel. Besides travel, expect Sagittarius to be interested in trying new things even while at home. 

Sagittarius Natives Have a Zest For Life

Not only do Sag folks have an admirable zest for life, but they also love talking about it. Typically talkative and good at captivating audiences, this is a sign that wants interactivity. Most Sagittarius people are gifted storytellers, philosophers, and usually enjoy being surrounded by a crowd of people.

Ruling Planet is Jupiter

Lucky doesn’t begin to define the Sagittarius approach to life. Being ruled by Jupiter often results in this zodiac sign always coming across perfect opportunities. They may have a reputation for being prosperous, deep thinkers, and naturally persuasive. 

Honest, Blunt, Direct

There is no doubt that Sagittarius is hard-wried to call it how they see it. Since this free-thinking sign cannot stand to waste a potential opportunity, time, or thought, they tend to offer their most direct opinions absolutely free of charge. They sometimes say what’s on their mind with ruthless, blunt delivery. Similar to the filter-free nature of an Aries or the oversight of Leo who is always center stage, the fire sign trio simply have a thing for speaking their truths while they’re piping hot. 

Spontaneous and Fun

What is arguably the most adorable thing about Sagittarius is how excited they are when new projects arise. The mundane aspects of life do not interest them at all. They prefer excitement, newness, and anything remotely challenging. Since they get bored easily, Sagittarius is not usually willing to wait it out or play the long game.  

They Prefer The Big Picture

Sagittarius season is about thinking and dreaming to the absolute limit. This sign isn’t too fussed about on the small details because they thrive as visionaries. This is most obvious in their work and career, but also in relationships. A true Sag might want to focus on the end results of renovating a home but might forget about the smaller, precise details.

Most Compatible Signs for Sagittarius

Dynamic Sagittarius is friendly and warm-hearted which usually results in having a strong circle of friends wherever they land. Even still, Sagittarius is most compatible with like-minded witty thinkers and free-flowing spirits like Aquarius, Gemini and Libra – the air signs of the zodiac. Fellow fire signs (Aries and Leo) will be cherished companions due to their strong personalities and ability to not take things personally.