If you’ve ever considered what your Mars sign means for your intimacy style, you’re definitely not alone. Learning about your desires, your drive, and how you approach sexuality is all influenced by Mars. Your Venus sign provides insight into your romantic side and your moon sign leans into your emotional side. Knowing both along with your Mars sign could positively influence how you approach intimacy.

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So, what does your Mars sign mean?

Planet Mars is named for the god of war and rules over expressions of aggression, energy, courage, and you guessed it, sex. Learning about your Mars sign will reveal a lot about what will deliver the most pleasure in the bedroom. Mars, as the planet of drive and action, will help you understand exactly what influences your intimacy style in your closest relationships. Known to astrologists as the “red planet”, it is a key planet for unravelling how you go after your most carnal desires.

Astrologist Maressa Brown speaks on how the planet sheds light on your “inner drive” and lusts. She notes that Mars “also influences what you’re attracted to physically, be that a particular body type or sex play, and how you get after it.”

So now that you know what your Mars sign means, it’s time to find out what stimulates you most and makes those intimate moments all the more enjoyable.

This is what your Mars sign means in your intimacy style:

Aries Mars

As ruler of Aries, Mars is in its fiery element in this sign. Spontaneous and impulsive romps are sure to speak to an Aries Mars native. As a sign that is known for its Martial qualities of being extremely hot-headed, intimacy is no different. Preferring sex over prolonged foreplay, the reward really is in the quick and steamy elements of intimacy. Easily aroused though they be, Aries Mars people exude passion and excitement and will settle for nothing less.

Taurus Mars

Genuinely sensual, a Taurus Mars looks for nothing more than gentle and silky intimacy that can’t be rushed. Intimacy is all about engaging all of the senses. For this reason, Taurus Mars prefers to be up all night long as opposed to quickies. Pleasure-loving Taurus is incredibly indulgent as a result of Venus influences. Pair this with Mars’ determination and you have a balance that many find hard to resist. With Mars in this Earth sign, the joy is in creating an experience that is slow, irresistible, and consumes all your energy.

Gemini Mars

Whenever Mars is in an air sign, you can expect the unexpected as well as to be flirted with endlessly. Expertly executed dirty talk and a strong desire to satisfy curiosity is what defines a Gemini Mars. Mars’ action is paired well with Gemini’s super intellect which makes for an intimacy style that looks for innovative ways to impress their partners. Sexting, sexy voice messages, poems, and anything else that stimulates the mind is a must when Mars finds itself in Gemini.

Cancer Mars

Mars in Cancer is heavy on devotion. Cancer’s watery, feminine energies are all about giving and their intimacy is no exception. Being emotionally connected to a partner is the first step to a perfectly intimate night. Foreplay starts in the morning: hugging, kissing, mood-setting, and touching is all it takes for a Cancer Mars to feel the love.

Leo Mars

What more could a Mars in Leo individual want than admiring and being admired? With Mars in Leo, lovemaking is a show and a performance that deserves to be done with lots of playfulness and genuine warmth. There is nothing more off-putting to a Mars in Leo type than faking it. Keep it wild, fun, and full of the types of tricks that impress the group chat the next day.

Virgo Mars

Virgo Mars will be most satisfied when they’re loving on their partners. They simply like to know that you’re satisfied and pleased with their performance. Virgo is governed by communication-oriented Mercury and so the most intimate moments for them are deep-rooted and pay attention to detail. Skillful and diligent, their intimacy style is characterized by their need to create perfect moments that they won’t brag about, but can match time and time again.

Libra Mars

Romanticism and enchantment meets drive and motivation, Libra Mars is easy to spot. Generally, Libra Mars feels an elevated sense of intimacy when things look appealing. As a visual sign, they like to be surrounded by nice things and this interacts with Mars in the best possible way. Expect sexual expressions to be about giving and taking, balance is attractive about and for Libra in Mars.

Scorpio Mars

Super sexual Scorpio is no stranger to the kind of intimacy that takes over the soul. In Mars, this is heightened even more and makes sultry nights in even more passionate in this intense, watery placement. Many find that a Scorpio Mars is about mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical depth. You usually know if you’ve encountered a Scorpio Mars because of their transformational and spiritually vulnerable style. Spell-bounding and thorough, Scorpio Mars people enjoy their sexual encounters guilt-free and with a force that is hard to deny.

Sagittarius Mars

Free-spirited and hard-to-reach, the Sagittarius Mars is here for a good time not a long time. When in love, it shows, in fact it is felt, heard, and reiterated by the fiesty, philosophical ruling Sag energy. Sagittarius Mars is turned on by experiences that make them feel alive. As the most fearless of the fire signs, Sagittarius is open to experimentation which makes this Mars sign incredibly interesting and never boring.

Capricorn Mars

Mars in Capricorn knows what to do with control, that’s for sure. There is nothing more attractive to Capricorn Mars than power positions at play. The element of luxury blends with the Saturnine discipline which makes Capricorn Mars desirable to most. Self-expression and experience go hand-in-hand for Capricorn Mars. All they want is to forget about the world when wrapped in the capable arms of their lover.

Aquarius Mars

Aquarius Mars’ mysterious and unconventional air is their seductive flair. Likely to try out new positions they’ve never tried before with confidence and ease is a norm in the bedroom for the Aquarius Mars native. True to their fixed sign nature, Aquarius wants what they want and will scarcely depend on their partner or society to approve of their desires. Mentally arouse this intellectual air sign and you’ll see another side to your Aquarius Mars boo. Keep it free-flowing and a little eccentric to keep the night hot.

Pisces Mars

Everything that defines softness shows up in a Pisces Mars’ behavior. The daydreamy mutable water sign has clear ideas about what it means to give and receive love. They’re also open to being pleasantly persuaded by the perfect generous partner. Pisces Mars natives show extreme sensitivity to their partners. Even though Mars is the planet of aggression, Pisces is much more comfortable being passive. They’ll feel intimacy overload if you show them your heart and create an otherworldly sex life with them.

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