Remember the song, “Chante’s Got A Man“? Sis had a bae at the crib and she wanted the world to know about it, no matter how obnoxious she sounded. It’s understandable. Love and even infatuation are lovely parts of the human experience. In the age of share and overshare, people are tempted to shout about these newfound feelings. But in new relationships, it might be wise to exercise prudence before you start bragging all over social media. If you’re conflicted, here are some signs you should wait to post your boo on the feed.

You Haven’t Seen Them in All Four Seasons

Older women have a lot of life advice. Some of it doesn’t apply to our lives today. But some of it is not only applicable it’s also wise. The aunties love to say is that you should wait to see your romantic prospects in all four seasons, that means a year’s time. Before then, you shouldn’t make any serious life decisions with or about them. It allows you to get a fuller picture of their personality, their character and how they navigate certain situations. Get to know bae a little bit longer before you reveal their face and invite internet eyeballs into your relationship.

You Have a Significant Following Online

If you use social media to pay your bills or talk to an audience, then you need to be careful about sharing intimate details of your life. That includes your romantic interests. Too many women influencers let their new love cloud the vision of the brand, or get too much face time in an empire they likely didn’t build. It’s not always good for business. Furthermore, if the relationship doesn’t work out, your followers may ask for an explanation about how and why things ended. No one’s entitled to that information. But the curiosity is understandable.

You’re Posting To Prove Something to Others

Sometimes when you’re drafting your posts, you have to interrogate the reason why you’re sharing. Will posting this express the truth of who you are? Or are you sharing with the intention to prove something? Do you believe posting will show your followers that you’re worthy of romantic love? Are you trying to prove to an ex that you’ve moved on? Are you trying to stunt on a former friend? If the reason is more external than not, you might want to keep it in drafts.

You Don’t Feel Entirely Safe in the Relationship Yet

Whether you’re dealing with your own trust issues or you’ve spotted red flags, you intuition is rarely wrong. If it is telling you not to let your guard down, don’t be so quick to make any public declarations. Wait to post your boo until you feel more solid and secure in the relationship.

They Haven’t Posted You 

Listen, relationships aren’t about tit for tat and keeping score. But they are about balance. And if one person’s social media is full of pictures and videos of their boo and the other person’s [active] page doesn’t mention them at all, that is a problem. There are times when one person simply doesn’t use social media like the other. That’s different. But if you are both active on the same platforms, the mentions of one another should be comparable.