A Libra lover and a salacious Sagittarius walk into an industry event. Sparks fly, contact info is exchanged and the rest is history. Or is it? At the start, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper and Migos member Offset were inseparable, in love, supporting one another’s careers and starting a family. Now, reports claim that Cardi B and her on-again, off-again husband have divorced. So how did the couple get to this point and where are they now? Here’s what we know about Cardi B’s husband and the tumultuous story of their marriage.

Cardi B Met Offset At An Industry Event Eight Years Ago 

Born in Georgia, the rapper trio Migos had been blazing along in the music industry since 2008. A string of Billboard Hot 100 hits in 2014 placed them on the map and everyone’s radios. According to the rapper-mother-businesswoman, Offset was very persistent in his pursuit of her. And, after finally getting her attention, the two were married within months. A secret ceremony is where and how the couple said “I do.”

Offset Proposed at a Sold Out Show and They Welcomed “Kulture” Months Later

Cardi B with baby Kulture and Offset (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Fans of the duo witnessed their faves celebrate their love with a formal proposal where Offset gave Cardi B an 8-carat diamond ring. While they’d already signed and sealed their matrimony, the gesture sent lovers of their music into a frenzy. Following the frenzy of their proposal, Cardi B and Offset welcomed their first-born, Kulture. Offset had already fathered three children from previous relationships. Both parents have talked publicly about the importance of family and making sure that the children feel integrated.

Infidelity Rumors Spark A Break Up & A Public Plea Before Reconnecting

Later that same year, after giving birth, Cardi B and Offset split temporarily following internet inferences of infidelity. Cardi announced their breakup, speaking to her disappointment and confusion. Offset followed with a rose-dripped ask for Cardi to reconsider. Cardi B and Offset were back together shortly after their split and set intentions about improving communication. The “Bongos” beauty shared in an interview that the couple saw priests, prayed singularly and together for the success of their reunion. Several red carpets and collaborations later, they were still heading in the right direction until things become murky again. 

Cardi B Files For Divorce Before Reconsidering The Romance  

Offset and Cardi B(Photo by Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV)

Towards the end of 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce, stating that their union was irreparable. While she did not go into detail about what led to her decision, speculations were made along the lines of Offset’s previous transgressions. Months later, the couple was seen together on the VMA’s pink carpet. Reports claimed that Cardi B’s divorce had been dismissed and the rap legends were working on things one more time. In the next year, they welcomed their second child, Wave. 

They Called It Quits…For Now

Two more years of love passed by, this time with another child to add to their loving and large family, before Cardi B shared on her Instagram Live session that she was single. Tear-filled venting sessions with fans via her live channel gave Cardi the opportunity to express how the marriage has made her feel good and bad. We wish them both much success in their careers, peace and joy in their personal lives.