If it’s one thing about Queen Latifah, it’s that her hair never skips a beat. You will never catch one follicle out of place on her crown. And luckily we’ve found the woman behind the hair. Queen Latifah recently revealed her secret hair weapon, Iasia Merriweather. But who is the woman behind the hair? Let’s dig into the deets about this stylist.

Although many people may think this recent video is the first time the queen has shown Iasha love, she’s been rubbing her in our face for years. Her most recent time was in 2020, in a picture she posted on Twitter giving her credit on the hair style.

Merriweather has been a gun in Queen Latifah’s holster even during some of her projects. She has make-up department film credits for films like “Just Wright,” “The Equalizer” and “Girl’s Trip.” She was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy the following year for her work on “Bessie. She even won a Daytime Emmy in the outstanding hairstyling category for “The Queen Latifah Show.” Following her win, Queen Latifah took to instagram and shared a few photos of her laid hair with the caption  “My hair guru Iasia Merriweather Wins Daytime Emmy! I Love You! #HeartOfGold!!!! Turn Down For What!!”


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Queen Latifah has even credited Iasha for saving her hair. In at interview with Essence . she recounts the damage she did to her hair before she met Iahsha and decided enough was enough. My edges started breaking and I was like ‘Yo!,’ she says. Now you’re talking to Hip-Hop’s Queen Latifah, not Khadijah, I wasn’t quite there yet. So I was like, ‘I ain’t about to lose my edges over no show.’

Iasha keeps a very small digital footprint (which is admirable given how many people across the globe are practically obsessed with social media). But her work speaks for itself. If Queen Latifah will be remembered for anything other than her music would be her hair.