From her collabs with hip-hop heavyweights to her infectious music making waves in the industry, Mariah the Scientist isn’t just another artist on the scene.

Mariah the Scientist is a force to be reckoned with, blending her Southern charm with her passion for science and music. She has become a woman to keep your eyes on. Here’s everything you need to know about R&B’s newest lady.

From Georgia to New York City

Photo credit: Kristy Sparow

The Atlanta native had a knack for music from a young age. Growing up with a love for R&B, soul and jazz, she began writing her own songs and honing her craft before she graduated high school. Her journey took an unexpected turn when she decided to pursue a career in science, enrolling at St. John’s University in New York with dreams of becoming an anesthesiologist.

It was during her time in the Big Apple that her musical aspirations began to take shape. Despite studying biology, her heart was always in music. She eventually dropped out of college to chase her dreams. For her, it was the only option. She still holds her love for science close to her. Her stage name pays homage to her love, blending her two passions into one unique identity.

From SoundCloud to Center Stage

Photo credit: Paras Griffin

Mariah the Scientist’s rise to fame wasn’t overnight, but it was certainly inevitable. After releasing her debut EP, “To Die For,” on SoundCloud in 2018, she caught the attention of Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. Lanez saw something special in the singer and took her under his wing, serving as a mentor and executive producer for her debut studio album, “Master.”

“Master” was a glimpse into the artist’s soul. With tracks, like “Beetlejuice,” she poured her heart out, sharing personal experiences and emotions with her listeners. The album’s success paved the way for her sophomore release, “RY RY WORLD,” which featured collaborations with hip-hop heavyweights, like Lil Baby and Young Thug.

What’s Next for Mariah the Scientist?

Photo credit: Paras Griffin

As Mariah the Scientist continues to rise, she shows no signs of slowing down. With her latest album, “To Be Eaten Alive,” she’s pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds, proving that she’s not afraid to take risks and defy expectations.