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If you search on YouTube you can find hundreds, maybe even thousands, of videos about aloe vera and its various uses. You can use it on your skin, in your hair, eat it and even drink it! The aloe vera plant has incredible health benefits, and today, as reported on Ellewe want to focus on how amazing it is for your skin. 

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For starters, let’s start with the basics. An aloe vera plant, according to Everyday Health, is a type of aloe plant known for its healing properties. It is typically found in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States (mostly in some southern/western regions). What makes this particular plant so special is the gel and juice found within it. Some of the benefits from its contents include: digestive help, treatment for skin conditions, sunburn relief, lower blood sugar, etc.

In terms of skincare, Kim Chang, an aesthetician at Baylor College of Medicine Aesthetics Studio, shared in an article with BCM, that aloe vera contains substances such as “antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C” which add to its beneficial properties. Chang also added that aloe vera can also be used as a "natural, light exfoliant, but if overused, it can promote properties in your skin which may cause dryness or oiliness" (depending on your skin type) to work in overdrive.

In addition to the substance mentioned above, Elle Senior Beauty Editor, Kristina Rodulfo, spoke to celebrity esthetician, Renée Rouleau, after her experience at the Eforea Spa at the Hilton Aruba. In the exclusive interview with ElleRouleau stated that aloe vera also has polysaccharides (which aid in hydration and anti-inflammation), phytosterols (which soothes itchiness/irritation), vitamins (such as the ones mentioned above) and minerals. 

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The best method for adding aloe vera to your skincare routine, according to Eforea's spa Nunette Mudaro, is getting the raw plant and applying it topically. It can be used as a cleanser, mask, moisturizer, serum, spot treatment, etc. You can purchase a plant from any local store which has a home and/or gardens department. Or, if you are more into online purchasing, Amazon sells raw aloe vera for as little as $9. If you are worried your green thumb is not up to par to taking care of a plant, you can purchase individual leaves from your local supermarket. 

And for those not into DIY, or are skeptical about putting aloe vera directly on your face, here are a few skincare products that include aloe vera: 

Boscia cactus Water – $38

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SEPHORA Aloe Vera Replenishing Mask – $6

PHOTO: Sephora | Retails for $6


PHOTO: Sephora 


PHOTO: Sephora

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