If you are like me, going to the gym isn’t something you are naturally inclined to be excited about. There are many reasons I procrastinate or make excuses for going to the gym. Aside from my anxiety about being watched in the gym, my number one excuse is the typical, "I don’t have the time" line. As often as we use this excuse as a reason for not prioritizing our health and body goals, it is the easiest of excuses to negate. Solution? Get up earlier!

Getting an earlier start to your day not only adds time for accomplishing your goals and tackling your To Do List, but also creates the perfect window to get up and workout. The early morning workout session comes with a multitude of benefits that are sure to help improve your overall quality of life physically, mentally and emotionally.


We are all aware of the health benefits that come with working out. Exercise improves blood flow and circulation, helps speed up your metabolism, sparks weight loss and extends your life span. But we often forget about the immediate benefits it has. Exercising immediately increases your energy levels through endorphins and improves your brain function helping you to think more clearly, according to Healthline.

Even 30 minutes of exercise in the morning before jumping into your day can help you to feel more awake, clear headed and energized.


Sometimes life gets the best of us and we feel largely out of control. From our work lives to our personal lives, it sometimes feels as if we are overwhelmed with trying to check off our laundry list of goals, putting unnecessary stress on ourselves and our bodies. Living a healthier lifestyle is often a goal for many people, and that includes exercise.

Exercising in the morning gives you the control to work towards a personal goal before your day becomes inundated with other things, like tasks for other people. Putting yourself first can offer a peace of mind that, despite how the rest of the day unfolds, you have already taken steps towards a better you.


Endorphins make you happy. Whether you are feeling stressed, depressed, sad, angry or confused, when in doubt, run it out! Science tells us that exercise produces endorphins which in turn help us to feel more positive feelings. It also increases brain sensitivity to hormones that relieve feelings of depression, Healthline notes.

The endorphins you get in the morning from a workout can help uplift your mood and carry you through the day. No matter how crazy your boss is acting or how overwhelming school becomes, your increased level of "happy hormones," will provide the extra push we all need sometimes.

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