When's the last time you told yourself how much you love YOU? We spend so much time expressing love for others, but you're deserving of that same care and affection. So if you didn't already know, Let us be the first to tell you that self-love is the new #RelationshipGoals!

Being intentional about your self-love and self-care should be a normal occurrence, but often it feels like more of a radical move to make. We're here to support you in prioritizing yourself so that you can go on to live the fulfilled, happy life you deserve. Don't apologize for loving yourself!

Our #LoveNotestoSelf series highlights the importance of self-love and compassion within our community. As black women, our bodies are objectified and stereotyped in ways outside of our control or influence. But we're taking back our bodies and showing ourselves the love we deserve every day.

Check out how sexologist, author and host Shannon Boodram is claiming her self-love:

#LoveNotestoSelf empowers everyone to replenish and love on themselves this love season and beyond! Join in the moment by sharing our Love Notes video with sexologist Shannon Boodram and posting your own Love Note to Instagram and share the self-love! Posting your love note will enter you in the running to win an exclusive 21Ninety gift box! Head over to 21Ninety's Instagram to get started.

And check out some of our favorite shots from Shannon's #LoveNotestoSelf shoot below:

Photo Credits:

Art Direction & Style: Nelly Zagury // @nellyzagury

Photography: Roch Armando // @rocharmando

Hair & Makeup: Ayisat Adelakun // @ayisat

Wardrobe: Sultry Limb // @sultrylimb