Listen, I’ve always been #teamstandards when it comes to dating, but some standards can be problematic. One disturbing trend is wanting the infamous “6-6-6 Man.” And please note before anyone argues these standards are “basic” and they shouldn’t have to compromise, I hear you. Black women are often forced to lower their standards and endure “struggle love” to find their one and only.

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However, the 6-6-6 Rule, unfortunately, is not the most realistic standard and, ultimately, toxic.

The 6-6-6 Rule

The 6-6-6 Rule places women’s desired traits into a concise checklist: a man that is 6 feet tall, equipped with a 6-inch penis, and raking in a 6-figure income. This reductionist approach outlines specific physical and financial benchmarks, creating expectations that often oversimplify what finding a meaningful romantic connection is about.

Here are three reasons why searching for a 6-6-6 Man is toxic.

3 Reasons Why a 6-6-6 Man is Toxic

Superficial Prioritization

The 6-6-6 Rule promotes a superficial emphasis on physical attributes and financial status, overlooking the importance of emotional connection, shared values, and compatibility. This rigid checklist can lead to the dismissal of individuals with genuine qualities that contribute to a healthy relationship, fostering an environment where appearances and financial metrics take precedence.

Does Size Matter?

The 6-6-6 Rule perpetuates that a man’s penis size dictates relationship success, fueling an unhealthy obsession with external measurements. Size does matter, but that is what size you’re willing to work with depends on you. Furthermore, 21Ninety has established that the length of a penis doesn’t guarantee automatic pleasure in the bedroom. Therefore, if you’re satisfied sexually with your partner, whether they’re longer than six inches or not, then do not focus on size.

Both Partners Should Bring Something to the Table 

Allow me to play Devil’s Advocate. For a relationship to thrive, it is crucial for both partners to contribute equally in terms of support, understanding, and shared responsibilities. For instance, can you require a man to make six figures if you don’t? Unfortunately, as women, we sometimes do not bring the same value to the table. Embracing a more comprehensive approach to compatibility ensures a healthier dynamic where both individuals can benefit from the relationship on equal terms.

While having standards is a personal choice, examining their implications is important. The 6-6-6 Rule, though seemingly attractive, proves unrealistic and ultimately toxic due to its oversimplified criteria and potential disregard for deeper, more meaningful aspects of a relationship. Striking a balance between personal preferences and realism is the best approach to finding your match.