From barbiecore to bikercore this year’s trends have been bold. But the next big trend might be wrinkle detailing!

From JW Anderson to Prada, the wrinkle trend has been spotted in many designer’s collections for the spring/summer 2023 season.

A TikTok Rian who’s usersname is thatadult offers a couple of reasons for why this trend is popping up all over the runway.

An Innovative Way To Add Texture To A Design 

The TikToker mentions in her video that, “it may seem that brands are trying to communicate a new form of textual manipulation or fashion trend for the public”.

Back in 2015, the trend of wrinkle detailing on clothing began circulating. In a report by Fashionista, the publication believed the trend was making a somewhat practical solution to any everyday annoyance, which is unsightly wrinkled clothing. By adding in a pre-wrinkled design, this would allow wearers to put down their steamers and be fashionable even if they’re rushing out the door.


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Our Deeper Connection To Clothing 

Often times fashion designers are always trying to sneak something big picture into their runway collection. TikToker Rian believes the wrinkle trend speaks to our lived experiences in the clothing that we wear.

“They may be encouraging us to examine our relationship with clothes that we actually own, are living in and working in,” she says in her video. “Rather than using them as temporary symbols of communication online. [this trend shows] how it looks like to live in your clothes on a daily basis based on our relationship with work, money, and capitalism.”

This theory is definitely possible as designers move forward with creating more designers are making collections that are politically tinged, along with a huge movement to make clothing more consciously made.