It’s no secret that if the world is just getting hip to something, chances are, Black women have been doing it. There is no trend that we haven’t set first. From braids, to long acrylic nails to streetwear, Black women are the blueprint. And when it comes to opulence and expressing ourselves from head to toe; no one quite does it like us. So, when hip-hop brought grills, the fashionable accessory for the teeth of the rich and fly, it was Black women who pulled up to the scene and shut it down. While many people credit the likes of Slick Rick, Flavor Flav, Paul Wall and Nelly, it was women like Erykah Badu, Kelis and Rihanna who flipped it and made them high fashion. Over the years, the grill has become a status and cultural symbol rocked by many but trailblazing Black women always give them a little extra something. 

Here are some of the flyest grills rocked by Black women. 


Kelis is a true innovator when it comes to all things Black Girl fly. She's rocked her grill in both diamond and gold but her most iconic look is this all gold grill that she famously rocked in videos and on red carpets. It became as much apart of her aesthetic as her natural curly fro. 

Erykah Badu

No surprise that Ms. Badu is on this list. Always repping for them Texas girls, Erykah Badu has always infused that dirty south vibe with a signature style that no one even attempts to duplicate. She has several grill moments that are pretty iconic but this one tops the list. 

Teyana Taylor

When it comes to style, Teyana Taylor is always leading the pack. Her custom grill featuring her album cover, Jimmy Neutron and other dope moments in her career and life labels her as one of the coldest in the game.


Well, I mean, it's Rihanna. Rih Rih's grill featuring an automatic rifle became the topic of major discussion and the Bad Gal seemed to hear the critiques and understand them when she switched to this dope yet subtle replacement. 

Slick Woods

Slick Woods has one of the most recognizable mouths in all of fashion so it's only right that she deck it out in a grill. Accentuating her iconic gap, this grill is an ode to where it all began and yet so current. 


Oh, you thought Muva wasn't coming to slay the girls? Beyoncé has always been a woman unapologetic about her Blackness as well as her down South roots. Hailing from Houston, her grill is a cute nod to where it all began.

Issa Rae

We're rooting for every moment that Issa Rae puts her Blackness front and center. Though grills are more known to have their origin in both New York and the Southern states, LA (her hometown) is still known for putting their jewelry and wealth on full display. We love her choice to rock one for a fashion spread.