Relationships are hard, and that’s a well-known fact. I don’t think anyone can say it’s easy to cut someone out of your life. Even when a relationship is at its rockiest, people have a tendency to look at the past with rose-colored lenses. It can be all too easy to place the blame on yourself for a relationship or friendship taking the wrong turn. I’m not saying that I’ve been blameless in every relationship or friendship that's ended, but it’s important to recognize when you’re not being treated fairly. 

If you find yourself in a place where someone isn’t supporting you without good reason, it’s probably time to let go. I want to emphasize the lack of good reason. My best friends probably wouldn’t support me if I decided to start stealing cars. Are they bad friends? No. They understand that stealing cars is illegal, they have good reason not to support me in that endeavor. 

However, if I decided to drop out of school and move to New York City to realize my dream as an actor and I wasn’t met with support from my friends, that is where it gets sticky. If you are working on bettering yourself as a person, through education, fitness, art, sobriety, etc., and your friends and family aren’t supporting you, let them go. 

When you surround yourself with people who don’t want what’s best for you, you are damaging your spirit, your future and your well-being. It's not your responsibility to be anything but yourself. Although it might be hard, you owe it to yourself to be the best version of you. 

Like I said, it can be so hard to let go of people who you love. But just because you love someone doesn’t mean they’re perfect or good for you. There comes a time when you have to be thankful for the experience and the memories, but understand that being surrounded by negativity is not healthy. Negativity is damaging; to the psyche, the spirit and to your understanding of what's possible. 

It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. It’s okay to say goodbye even if the other person doesn’t want to if that's what’s right for you. You’ll be amazed at the change in your energy when you are surrounded by people who genuinely want to see you shine. You were not put on this earth to be controlled or oppressed by those around you. 

You can't go through life unchanged. As human beings, we adapt, we grow, we blossom. 

Surrounding yourself with people who build you up and support your vision will allow you to start on and continue a journey of self-growth and personal discovery. So be real with yourself, and let go of people who aren’t building you up.