Spring is approaching and you may feel like things are somewhat hanging on steady, or you may feel like everything is coming at you extremely fast. You've set goals in place for your new year and depending on what you've accomplished or how you've managed various life situations since January, you are possibly in love with 2019 thus far, or you are counting down the days for it to end. 

A wise woman said: "if you don’t want to burn out, stop living your life like you are on fire." When you live in achievement culture, it's like you are programmed and indoctrinated to always perform, execute and achieve. We, as women, have been brain and heart washed to believe that we are only valid through our productivity and achievement.

Wellness Entrepreneur, Toni Jones, has a mission for ambitious women aiming to wife their life through wellness and putting an end to the “work until you die” and “burnout” trend. 

Photo: Toni Jones

Jones' latest project and affirmation album, Affirmations for the Grownass Woman, taps into five topics that can act as the soundtrack to our lives as we work towards "wifing our lives" heading into Spring. 

1. No is Bae 

If you had 20 Yes’s to give for the rest of my life, who and what would get those yes’s? Toni Jones says: 

"All too often women are known to give yes's, and all too often our No's are not taken seriously. Sometimes we shame ourselves when we give no's because we want to please others. But 'No is Bae' is to give a permission party to say no unapologetically, gracefully, lovingly and peacefully. 'No is Bae' is for women to cultivate a healthier relationship with No."

2.Healing in My Heels 

The greatest gift you can give to others is your personal healing and development. Toni Jones says:

"Essentially, healing is not just to benefit self but to benefit those we love and enjoy. This means that putting your healing first is not a selfish act it's actually a very generous act because you can be that much healthier for self and others."

3. The Present is Woman 

Your life goes according to what you think, feel, say and feel most often. Toni Jones says,

"In the everyday life of ambitious women, we tend to get caught up with the tide of life rather than being present with the moment. Being present equips women to become more aware of how they are feeling, what they are thinking and saying most often. Awareness opens up a world of possibility to master oneself; especially the inner-self."

4. The New I do

The new "I do" is doing through your being. The universe is responding to who you feel you are. Toni Jones says, 

"The New 'I do' is to enroll women into the idea to wife their life through deeply getting interested in who they are being while they are doing. To explore the relationship between their work ethic and well being."

5. F-Boys are Tools of My Enlightenment

You choosing him was a class of enlightenment into your enlightenment. Your education of worthiness and self-love. Toni Jones says, 

"The victim narrative to men is way too popular amongst women, I want to give women another perspective, a Divine perspective. Which is nothing we go through, nothing we choose, no man that crosses our paths is out of Divine alignment to our highest good? We always have the opportunity to become better, gain inner beauty, learn and unlearn in every situation, especially with dealing with F-boys. May we choose them no more, and if we do may we get all the gold lessons needed so we don't choose them any longer."

Ambitious women must relearn what work-life living means to us, reimagine what it looks like for our work ethic and well-being to have a healthy relationship. Don’t let the smoke fool you, women out here really are “killing the game,” but at what expense?

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