If you're intimidated by virtual dating, you're not alone.  You wonder if the person on his online profile is really who he says he is.  You also wonder if this is someone with deep-seated issues that could harm the potential relationship should the two of you start to get along well. These concerns are valid and you shouldn't be naive when it comes to virtual dating.  On the other hand, you don't want to let fear paralyze you to the point of not giving it a try. In fact, there are several couples who are now married, and they met through virtual dating.  Here are tips on succeeding with virtual dating.

Make That Dating Profile Shine

Don't just create a profile with a few trite sentences and leave it there.  Your dating profile is like a mini-biography as it relates to the qualities you possess which would make you a great catch.  Now is the time to discuss your likes, personality, values, your best qualities, and any specific qualities you seek out in a partner. Choose a profile photo that best shows your features in a tasteful way.  

Do Activities Over Video Chat

A fun way to enjoy your virtual dates is to do activities through video chat.  If the two of you enjoy reading, the two of you can host a video chat about books you read recently, what the books were about, and any deeper themes in those books that resonated with you.  If both of you are foodies, you can come up with a meal that is easy to prepare and that has affordable ingredients. To turn it into a game, each of you will cook with unusual ingredients and the winner can have a special prize mailed to his or her home.

Look Presentable During Virtual Dates

Just because your dates are virtual doesn't mean you should let yourself go.  Look presentable for your dates. Get a new hairstyle and put on light makeup.  Put on a beautiful outfit and make sure you're well-groomed.  When you look your best, you're more confident during your dates and your date will appreciate your efforts.