Across the nation this past weekend, thousands of people came together to march in protest against the Trump Administration’s "zero tolerance" immigration policy. The protestors called for the reunification of families that have been separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

PHOTO: Glamour

The marches collectively took on the name of "Families Belong Together" and, according to USA Today, nearly 750 events took place for this cause coast-to-coast from the most liberal states to the more conservative. People of all races, backgrounds and status could be seen at these events boldly sharing their message with colorful signs with phrases such "Keep Families Together" and "Immigrants and refugees are welcomed here."

Here are some amazing signs seen in the hands of women of color across the country participating in Saturday’s marches: 

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I thought you said “All Lives Mattered” #keepfamiliestogether

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Keep Families Together Rally Indianapolis.

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today was such a successful and moving day and it brought so much happiness and a big smile on my face when people would honk at us supporting us and making us feel we are making a difference when we are! and hearing the woman’s story in the last video touched me and i standing with all those people, it made me feel like i wasn’t alone. thank god for these loving, compassionate people around naples.. i didn’t think such a large population of white people here would stand for us and give us.. the minorities.. a voice. a small town with a bunch of teenagers making a difference with baby steps.. we aren’t finished yet!! ❤️ this event was such a great experience with these three supportive girls 💛 #familiesbelongtogethermarch #familiesbelongtogether

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