Con·scious /ˈkän(t)SHəs/
* Having knowledge of something. Present
* Aware of and responding to one's surroundings
* (Of an action or feeling) deliberate and intentional
* Awake

There are so many different iterations floating around about what it means to be “woke” or what it means to be “conscious.” In the midst of all these different opinions, the core of what “awakening” means gets lost. Being “woke” or “conscious” isn’t tied to any trendy movement or cause. It is not a gender/race thing, it’s a human/spirit thing. Yes, awakening to and becoming highly aware, critical and observant of the external happenings of our communities and our world is a part of living consciously. Yes, being able to decipher for yourself what seems real or true and what seems unreal or untrue is apart of being “woke.” However, how can you effectively be woke to your outside world if you aren’t awakening with the same intensity to your inner world?  

A conscious life is a deliberate one. Where you are living right now and not waiting to live later. It is a life of being present with your human experience and being fed by life experience; creating and connecting to your life as it is happening. A life where you find and create meaning and purpose for everything you experience, moving through and showing up in the world embodying who and how you want to be. It is being present and tuned into yourself — your inner world first, then your outer world. Quite simply, a conscious life is a life of presence. As human beings, there are several realms of our lives in which we can infuse presence, however, I’ve pinpointed nine realms that impact our lives greatly, from the inside out. Here are nine tips for each realm of our human experience where we can step into presence, right now, to allow a conscious lifestyle to become a tangible way of being.

Tip #1: Conscious Relationships: Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most imperative self-healing tools that facilitate a shift from the past to the present. Forgiving others (and especially forgiving yourself) frees up a lot of mental, physical and energetic resources that allow you to be awake to the hear and now

Tip #2: Conscious Thought: Tell Yourself The Truth (Practice Truthfulness)

We all have a tendency to create assumptions and interpretations about something or someone when we settle on a thought loop or simulation (a mental story you create about something you anticipate) about it or them. In most cases just telling yourself the truth about what you do and don't know about this thing or person will allow you to move to the next moment, absent of assumption, inaccurate interpretation and less judgment

Tip #3: Conscious Belief: Incorporate mantras into your day

We can believe ourselves out of a lot of experiences that are set on our path to help us step into exactly who and how we want to be. Simply taking some to break through your limiting beliefs, in the moment, by repeating a mantra that affirms your limitlessness, can shift you from a place of self -doubt to self-confidence

Tip #4: Conscious Engagement: Turn Off The TV

TV has made the sedentary lifestyle "the norm". It is not. Try turning off the TV and engaging your senses, your energy and your time doing something else that gives you life, versus taking life away from you

Tip #5: Conscious Language: Exchange "Have to's" to "want to's"

The language we use can be very limiting and dis-empowering. "Have to" implies that you have no power or no choice…you ALWAYS have a choice. "Want to" asserts that you are choosing something, consciously. Empower yourself through the language you use

Tip #6: Conscious Spending: Invest In Yourself

One of the best investments you can make is in yourself. Is there something you have been wanting to do for yourself, but just haven't done because "it costs too much?" Take inventory on all the useless ways you spend money throughout the week or month, then re-evaluate

Tip #7: Conscious Daily Practice: Create A Morning Ritual

Building your peace before stepping into the world is imperative. There is sacredness in repetition, in ritual. Even starting with one thing you do each morning to tune into yourself, can make a world of difference

Tip #8: Conscious Choice: Say Yes to What Energizes You

Make choices that are yours. Refrain from making a choice your parents, your friends, your peers or your significant other would make. If it is something that makes you feel alive, energized and abundant, just say yes

Tip #9: Conscious Action: Do What You Know Makes You Feel Whole

So often when we fall out of balance or the flow, we know exactly what we can do to bring us back into balance, however, we rarely do it. Practice Conscious Action by ACTUALLY doing it! You know you will feel centered, re-aligned and peaceful afterward…so, come on; you know what Nike said……

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