Lizzo is the topic of discussion again. Another woman has shared an account of a bad experience with the “Rumors” singer. Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown revealed in a TikTok video that her boyfriend of 10 years left her for the Grammy Award winner.

“As far as I know they are still together. I wish them peace and happiness.,” Brown said.


As far as I know they are still together. I wish them peace and happiness.

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TikToker Opens Up About Her Experience with Lizzo

In her video, Brown recounts her first time meeting the singer. According to her, Lizzo and her boyfriend, who she didn’t name, co-hosted MTV’s “Wonderland” in 2016. Brown claimed that Lizzo didn’t like her and “wasn’t very nice.”

“I kind of ignored it because I felt like, well, she’s already in the celebrity scene or whatever, and she probably feels like she has better things to do than talk to me,” Brown said.

She said that doesn’t believe it had anything to do with her being busy or focused on work.

“It wasn’t like a production thing like, ‘Oh, she’s just really busy’ or whatever…she just didn’t like me. She didn’t say anything that was mean. But she was really, like, stand-offish or wouldn’t talk to me. When I talked to her, it was like, ‘Oh, okay. Get the f–k away from me. I don’t want to talk to you,'” Brown said.

Brown later learned that her boyfriend and the singer “had something going on.” She described the situation as “heartbreaking.” She explained how she supported her boyfriend through the years, but he left her to be with Lizzo once he made it. She added that the incident has weighed heavily on her mental health.

“Everybody in the world loves her, and her message is like love and light and positivity, after knowing how she treated me,” Brown said.

Brown says she initially didn’t want to speak about the incident due to the fear of coming off as a “whiny little baby.” However, she mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was to blame more than the singer; she wishes the two were more considerate.

Brown is one of many who has recently spoken up about Lizzo since it was announced the singer is being sued.