When it comes to the use of social media platforms, you typically know what types of interactions you’ll have with other people. On Instagram, people are always sliding in DMs, Twitter brings several debates and think pieces, while on Facebook you can find updates from family members and maybe even hear from that one ex from 15 years ago. Every social media platform has its niche, but there is one platform that has users a tad bit confused. LinkedIn, a site known for professional networking and job opportunities, has seen an uptick in women receiving unwanted advances.

What is Happening on LinkedIn?

A recent study revealed that women are starting to get unwanted advances. Some women have complained about harassament on the platform. According to the report, 90% of women respondents have been harassed based on their profile picture.

The study also revealed that when American women were asked “if they’d ever received romantic advances or inappropriate messages on LinkedIn”, 91% said, “Yes.”

This is a large jump from what the platform is used for. When speaking to Business Insider, a rep for the social media platform said the platform is solely for establishing work connections.

“As a professional network, our members rightly expect their experience on LinkedIn to be professional in nature, and any form of harassment or unwanted romantic advances are a violation of LinkedIn’s Professional Community Policies and not tolerated,” they said.

The rise in these occurrences has even struck a nerve to the point where users began trending the hashtag #BeProfessional on the site back in August.

Several users shared their experiences with receiving unwanted romantic gestures and even posted screenshots of the encounters. Although any type of romantic advances are frowned upon, as per the company’s rep, there doesn’t seem to be much of a crackdown. Leading to large numbers of women on the site choosing to be less active. The study found that almost 74% of women reported having to dial down their activity on the site because of this.