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KTX Fitness Spin Class

Atlanta, GA

If you haven’t seen this cycling rendition of “Wipe Me Down,” you’re just not living. KTX Fitness’s cycle class is basically a party on a bike. Instructor Keith Thompson has a playlist full of high-energy music with a range of different tempos so that you either get a slow or high-speed burn. Either way, you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll barely notice you’re working out.


XTreme Hip-Hop

Cleveland Heights, OH

If you thought step aerobics went out of style with the '80s, you’re wrong. You just ain’t been doin’ it right! Enter: Phil Weeden and his super-energetic hip-hop step class. Weeden incorporates classic step moves like the basic box step and knee repeaters with your favorite hip-hop songs, making it hard to believe that the song wasn’t actually made to supplement his choreography. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a very charismatic guy with a voice that was made for motivation.


Baltimore, MD

Wave your flag! If you haven’t ever been to a Soca party, let me introduce you to your new favorite thing. Soca’Robics is a soca party — you just happen to have on fitness clothes and you’re given the choreography (for many of us, this second one is a good thing). The instructor, Natalie Burrowes, overlays the fast-tempo soca music with simple yet authentic soca moves and makes it user-friendly enough for anyone to join along. Get ready to wine it

Cycle Therapy

Chicago, IL

House heads unite. Aaron Foster’s spin class features high-energy Chicago house music that is guaranteed to keep you pedaling, and might even force you into the classic house head-bop while you’re still on the bike. Don’t expect to do the traditional cycling cadence of upright pedaling either. He’ll have you doing a series of push-ups, leg isolations, and any other variation that is virtually possible on a bike. No worries — you’ll be so into the music (and the Chicago skyline if you make it to an outdoor class) that you’ll barely notice the burn. 


Los Angeles, CA

A little twerk ain’t never hurt nobody. In fact, a little twerk might be what you need to meet your next fitness goal. Lexy Panterra is a twerk queen. The best thing about a workout like this is you learn a practical skill: you can take your twerkout skills to the real party the following weekend. I can’t think of a sexier way to snap you core, glutes and legs into shape.

Of course, this is just a snapshot of some of the classes out there that are deeply rooted in the culture, soul and energy that we love. (Many of these instructors also tour with their classes so check their websites to see if they will be in your city.) Cool new classes are popping up every day, and there are likely several within your very own city. Get out there. Burn some calories. And most of all, get turnt.

 Markita Staples is a blogger and personal trainer at SweshFit. She’s a native of Detroit, now living in the Bay Area and working as a Finance Category Manager for Adobe. She aims to strike the balance between being fly and fit and actually succeeds on occasion. If nothing else, she’s happy to enjoy a nice glass (or three) of wine and indulge in reality TV. Chat with her on the blog, as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.