For a long time, Black women have used Black slang as a way to connect with themselves and nurture Black sisterhood and camaraderie. In today's day and age, certain groups of people have unique slang and inside jokes. Black slang and phrases, especially among Black women, have served as a symbolic way of fostering friendship and Black sisterhood. Here are a few of our favorites:


“Chile” is the phonetic spelling for the word "child." It was a term that was initially part of dialectal speech that originated from the Southern part of the United States and quickly became a part of African American Vernacular English. The term "chile" has recently begun to pick up steam as now generally a word that people use with close friends or acquaintances. In many instances, it evokes humor.

“Yaaas Honey”

“Yaaas honey” is a phrase that is a variation of the word "yes" and a way to express approval or extreme excitement, the term "yaaas" can also be used to show pride and admiration for someone for something they have done or achieved. Many Black women use it to show admiration for each other's outfits or accomplishments, for example. 

“Black Girl Magic”

The term "Black girl magic" is an uplifting phrase of empowerment frequently used on social media to show support for Black women. When used between Black women, the phrase has strengthened the bond Black women have worked to build—and has effectively empowered Black sisterhood.


The famous phrase "eyebrows on fleek," which is generally used as a part of the phrase "on fleek," means that something or someone is flawless or fabulous. It is one of the many terms originating from African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Many Black women use it as a term of praise or endearment towards each other. For example, "your outfit is on fleek."


"Fire" refers to something as extraordinary, cool, and trendy. For example, if someone's "fit is fire," that usually means their outfit is chic. On social media, the phrase is usually accompanied by the fire emoji. Black women often use the word "fire" to compliment each other.