I know the idea of a water filter for your shower sounds insane, but hear me out! If you use a water filter for your drinking water to rid it of harsh chemicals, then you should probably be doing the same for the water you wash your body with! Someone thought of this before I did though, so yes… there are water filters for your shower.

What Are The Benefits?

Shower water (considered as “hard water”) has a ton of harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are found in hard water can dry out the hair and skin.

Many people notice drier hair when they shampoo with hard water and that it frizzes up easier. The solution? Water filters. They remove the harsh elements and save you from dry skin or dandruff. Many shower filter users rave about having softer hair and skin. Not to mention, if you’ve colored your hair, users have noticed  that it lasts longer and keeps its gloss and shine.

Choosing The Right Filter

There are many filter types, you just have to make sure you choose the right one for your needs. Shower filters that use a technology called KDF which has a copper-zinc alloy and exchanges electrons with contaminants, including metals to chemically convert them to harmless substances.many opt for KDF filters as it does the best job at removing contaminants but keeps your skin and hair from drying out.

Other filters that utilize technology like carbon or Vitamin C filters, may not be as reliable. 

Carbon filters do not perform well in high temperatures or high pressures. Many of us love a good hot shower that beats down our back, so a carbon filter might not be the best choice. Although Vitamin C reacts with chlorine in water, there isn’t much evidence that Vitamin C filters do a great job of removing chlorine from water. 

You should also look out for filters that claims to remove 99% of chlorine as that is false marketing: Even the greatest filters only remove up to 90% of chlorine.

Let me go ahead and purchase, chile.

This filter uses KDF-55 and is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. This just simply means that the filter has met the public health and safety organization’s requirements “for chlorine reduction, material safety, and structural integrity.”

This filter also comes with a shower head, however you can easily swap out this shower head for your own!

This Culligan carbon filter  is easy to install and fit most standard shower heads.  It is also NSF-certified and works with your existing shower head. It combines activated-carbon and oxidation-reduction technology to filter out contaminants and reduce bacteria.

If you’re unsure which type of filter to get, then this one is for you! It includes eight levels of filtration for water to pass through so all you have to focus on is what the shower filter is able to remove. The eight stages include tourmaline, KDF and a steel micro-net which helps remove any silt or rust that may have made its way into your water from old pipes.

This AquaBliss filter is another for the indecisive. It’s multistage functions  eliminate several substances like chlorine and other minerals. It touts that it is easy to install and is considered quality filtering  at a reasonable price. It also has a special feature to infuse vitamin C and other good minerals into your shower water.

Yet another all-in-one filter, the Adovel is created to remove chlorine  and several other impurities. This is a great option for those whose skin doesn’t do well with hard water, fluoride, and chlorine in their water.