So, you want to start a yoga routine. Maybe it's because you want to gain flexibility or muscle. Maybe you've heard it can help ease soreness or maybe you just want to center yourself in these crazy times. 

Whatever the reason, you've found yourself on YouTube to learn yoga. There are some things you should know first, so keep reading to make the best of your journey as a yoga beginner.


As with any workout, it's important to begin with stretching. Nothing feels worse than cramping up or pulling a muscle in the middle of a routine, so remember to get your body loose! 

Start with some toe touches or shoulder rolls! You'll also want to make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated and help keep your energy up.


Once you've stretched, it's time to introduce some yoga poses! One of the simplest is downward dog which is done by starting on your hands and knees, keeping your hands shoulder-width apart and your knees under your hips. 

From there, raise your body to an inverted V shape, keeping your hands flat on the ground and stretching your heels toward the ground. This pose is great for strengthening the upper body and relieving back pain! Remember to keep your breaths as even as possible. 

Another fun pose is known as happy baby. In this pose, you begin on your back and curl your legs up towards your chest. Hold the heels of your feet with your hands- like a happy baby!


A full yoga routine can do wonders when it comes to both physical and mental health. However, it's also important to speak with your doctor before beginning a routine as there are poses that should be avoided under conditions like carpal tunnel, high blood pressure, or late pregnancy. 

Many poses can also be modified by making small changes such as keeping your knees on the floor or leaning against a wall for support.

There are a ton of incredible resources out there if you think yoga might be for you! Be safe and have fun!