Life can be tough, and whether you're a corporate babe shattering glass ceilings and using the shards as stiletto heels, or you're a college student down to your last pack of ramen, situations have a way of making us forget who we are and the power we hold. So, here are ten ways to remind yourself that you are THAT chick.

Invest In Yourself:

Whether it is an actual monetary investment or an intangible investment such as time or energy, investing in yourself will remind you that you are the prize in any setting that you find yourself in. A simple face mask and some music is a great way to remind you how lucky you are to be you!

Spend Time With Yourself: 

Once you learn to enjoy your own company, it will become tougher to let the outside world's opinions sway you. During that alone time, you can reflect on what made you lose touch with that intrinsic value and plan on how to get to where you want to be. 

Know That Access To You Is A Privilege: 

You need to understand and genuinely believe that access to you is a fantastic thing and this form of confidence only comes from learning who you are when you're alone. Understanding this simple fact will help you repel relationships that aren't on your wavelength.

Try New Things: 

Whether it is that one ballet class that you concluded you couldn't join, or it's that trip that you've been planning with your people for years, trying new things can unlock parts of you that got hidden over time and show you just how limitless your potential is.

Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself for mistakes that you made when you didn't know any better before you decided to be a better person. If you continue to measure your worth based on your bad days, you may never really see your worth. You're human, and the fact that you're trying is proof that you're keen on learning and growing as an individual. 

Realize That Progress is A Process:

As much as we all want progress to be a perfectly linear graph, the truth is that it's a lot harder than that. Some days might prove to be more challenging than others, but all that matters is that you keep doing the work. Part of doing the work is acknowledging that you are the best project you will ever work on, and you have the rest of your life to do just that. 

Hang Out With Your Faves: 

Pick up the phone and call the people who are in your corner. Call the people that know you snort when you laugh and plan a lunch date with the ones you feel comfortable doing your silly British accent around. Those are the ones that often bring us back to ourselves when we lose our worth in the mundane day-to-day activities of life. 

Take Yourself On a Date: 

While it may seem a little bit silly at first, this simple act raises your standards through the roof. It might feel odd and slightly pathetic buying yourself flowers and writing yourself cute notes, but over time, that will become the standard for you, and you will shift from the "this is so silly" mentality to a "why not?" one. While this tip is not for everyone, it is certainly worth a try.

Seek Internal Validation: 

Once you collect feedback about who you are based on how you speak to yourself and how you treat others when no one is looking, seeking validation from society will seem odd to you—dress according to what you like, not the trends. Do your makeup exactly how you want, not based on what other people are doing. There is only one version of you. Why not be your best self since we only live once?

Yesterday's Price Is Not Today's Price: 

These are straight facts.

The treatment, tones, and situations that you accepted before you came into your full self are null and void, effective immediately. The fact that you've gotten this far is proof that you're on the path to leveling up. Remember that whoever chooses to pass judgment based on a past version of you belongs in the past. 

You've got this. 

Seeing your worth might be tough initially, but as time goes on and you begin to peel back the layers, you will see it more and more each day. Remember that your potential is limitless. Race full speed ahead to the best version of you, and remember to tell yourself this, in the words of Onika Tanya Maraj: "I am the star in every room that I stand in," because you are.

Cheers babes.