Having an evening routine is just as powerful as your morning one. How you end your day sets you up to begin the following day strong. It also helps you improve your sleep while going to bed feeling accomplished!

In fact, the benefits of having an evening self-care routine are better health, productivity, and mental energy. It'll add to your happiness and ensure you're taking care of you.

So, start your evening by playing some calming music like jazz or some quiet-storm R&B

#1 Evening Hygiene Routine

Do this first. How often do we skip washing our face or brushing our teeth because we're exhausted at the end of the day?

Take care of your health by embracing a good skin care regimen and practicing great dental hygiene. 

Washing your face at night helps to clear pores, remove makeup and sweat and oil buildup. Over time, leaving makeup on while you sleep can break down collagen resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

Finally, don't forget to floss, floss, floss! Not only does this remove plaque and tarter but will protect your gums and prevent infections such as periodontal disease.

#2 Read with Your Favorite Scent Lit

Girl bosses are readers! Light your favorite candle and wind down with a good book in hand. 

Whether it's a romantic novel or non-fiction that will uplevel your skills in your career, books are amazing at keeping us sharp and in-tune with our inner selves.

Oh, and reading really gets you ready for bed.


#3 Express Gratitude

Take a moment to reflect on your day. What went well? What could've been better? Who sent amazing positive vibes and energy your way?

Use this time to meditate and express appreciation for the day through journaling. Capture these thoughts and openly congratulate yourself on a job well done today. This is the time to celebrate you, even if no one else will!

Also, remember what you focus on you attract. Consistently being in a state of gratitude will inevitably bring more positive opportunities your way, positioning you to walk in more of your greatness!

Commit to an Evening Self-Care Routine

Whether you embrace all or some of these tips, do yourself the favor of implementing an evening regimen for yourself. The benefits you'll experience are far too compelling to ignore. You absolutely deserve to show up for yourself every single day…and night.