Of all your friendships, your easy-going, peace-making, talkative Libra friends probably require the least work. Most people understand the sign to be super popular and mysteriously collected, but the reality is that beyond the blinding smiles, Libras take some understanding. Ever wondered why they stay level-headed and neutral when their friends are having heated arguments? Or why they’re genuinely unexcited by drama and shamelessly in love with love?

Libras (September 23 – October 22) ooze flexibility and positivity, which means that friendships come naturally to them. Some accuse the sign of not wanting to rock the boat while others remain enchanted under the Libra spell. Whether you think you have a Libra figured out or you’re totally clueless, this is what you need to know to keep your Libra friends feeling appreciated. 

Libras Love Change 

The thing about your Libra friends is that they love change. Libras aren’t the types to remain in one place for too long; they like to experience new things, often. Forget stagnancy when your Libra friend is around. As an air sign, it is their prerogative to change their mind with zero warning. Whether they need a change in their work situations, a switch-up with their personal style, or literally traveling to somewhere that better aligns with their new values, Libras will casually move with the wind. 

Libras Are Balanced

Libras are some of the best in the zodiac for seeing both sides. Since Libras are symbolised by the scales, they definitely know how to bring about balance. In friendships, this sometimes means that Libra friends don’t tend to take sides. This isn’t to be confused with not having an opinion, it just means that your Libra pals understand that there are two sides to every story. Knowing this will help understand why this diplomatic sign seems to have friends on their side all the time and stays out of arguments.

They Like to Look at Pretty Things

Libras do have a rep for indulging in the aesthetic side of life, as they should. They like things chic and they like things pretty. It’s no surprise that Venus, ruler of beauty, romance, money, and sentiments, governs this sign along with Taurus. This will be why your Libra friend doesn’t like to have a hair out of place and is proudly picture-ready, always. Beyond this, Libras like to present things in a way that’s easy on the eye, such as their handwriting, their homes, or any presentation they together. They hope that the people they love will make the same effort that they make and keep things as tidy and as inspiring as they do.

Libras Don’t Do Drama

Libras rarely get involved with drama. This airy sign prefers to keep the mood light and fun. Drama and chaos definitely has no place in a Libra’s life. Since Libra is a non-confrontational sign, they won’t actively call out drama but are more likely to distance themselves from it discreetly. Don’t be surprised if they watch it from afar though, protecting their happy-go-lucky energy from a neat distance. 

Ask a Libra

The socialites of the zodiac are the first to know where the party is at. A combination of being cardinal (responsible, leader) and an air sign (freedom-loving, social) means that they like to be in control of how they have a good time and with who. You’ll never catch your Libra friends spending precious time where the vibes are off. They’re here for a long time and a good time, making friends with everyone and being complimented for their effortless personality. 

Connection is a Priority

The final point is about relationships, which mean everything to Libras. Nurturing strong bonds keep Libras feeling connected to the people they love. Venus’ influence of romance extends beyond romantic relationships into family and friendship bonds. They want to love on their people entirely and without limits. Also, without judgements. While your favorite Libra might not say it, the worst thing you could do is make them feel foolish for being a giver.

Your Libra friends probably know more about you than you realize, because they are observant and constantly trying to learn the people that matter to them. Since Libras are highly sought-after because of their social and pleasant personalities, many people want access to them. Sweet as they are, Libras are super exclusive though, and reserve their most confidential love for the people they cherish.