You likely don’t have to look far to find someone in your life who has dealt with issues of the uterus. With the high rates of issues in uterine health for Black women, it could be your sister, friend or mother. It might even be something that you personally go through.

While the uterus can be the source of much joy, when involving conception and childbirth, it also can be a daunting, troublesome organ for Black women. My sister, like so many Black women, had a myomectomy to remove several fibroids. Stories surrounding issues in uterine health for Black women exemplify the complicated relationship between Black women and their uterine health. They are easy to find.

Recently, Deion Sanders daughter, Deiondra, revealed a pregnancy after several myectomy surgeries. Her uterus is still surrounded by fibroids, as she carries her unborn child. Fibroids is one of the uterine issues that disproportionately impacts Black women, according to the National Library of Medicine. Black women experience more severe symptoms and complications than other ethnic groups.

Unfortunately, fibroids are not the only uterine issues plaguing Black women. From PCOS and endometriosis to different fertility woes, Black women are facing uterine complications that often make life painful. In 21Ninety’s Youterus franchise, we will explore these topics in-depth. The goal is to inform and provide medical insights from Black obstetricians and gynecologists about uterine health for Black women. Our team will talk to mothers, sisters and friends, who are facing these issues, to share wisdom and hope for others.

Youterus is a space to learn, connect and share. It is a space to feel seen by others who look like you. The knowledge will expand beyond our website to our social media pages. There, you will be able to find the heartfelt and compelling story of Melody Brown, Blavity’s Associate Vice President of Consumer Media, who underwent a hysterectomy this year. She will share her journey, providing insight into the experience. Her vulnerability puts words to a situation that many Black women have experienced, but never talked about.

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