Calling all the single ladies, If you’re currently on the hunt for that next long term boo-thing, you’re not alone, as many of us are still trying to find our perfect person.

Finding the right partner, when you think about it, is really like taking a test. There are a plethora of check boxes, lists, and questions we have to ask ourselves when it comes to sharing our energy with another person. And though finding the right person takes time, it also takes more steps that we will discuss more about below.

He’s there when you need him the most even when it’s inconvenient for him.

When a man is there for you even through your worst moments, this is a huge green flag that he’s not only in it for the short term fix. Life is rarely easy, and it’s important that your partner understands this and is willing to stick things out with you. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing someone is by your side, even when it’s not necessarily convenient for them.

He considers you when making decisions, both small and big. 

If he considers you when making decisions, big or small, this shows that a man wants to be with you for the long term. Making decisions in life is one of the most important aspects of our development as people, and if your beau envisions you within his future plans, you’ve got someone to fight for. 

You’re able to effectively communicate with each other about difficult issues.

Communication is key, and more importantly comprehension. When you’re able to effectively communicate your issues with your partner, this shows that you both are willing to compromise and to put the necessary work in to make it work. 

He wants to find ways to solve problems rather than creating more.

Solving problems together is a great way to test a relationship, and if your partner is willing to work through the rough times with you, just know that their head and heart is in the right place. 

You feel like a team. 

A relationship should bring you more peace than it does sorrow and despair, and if you feel like your hubby is your best friend and team partner, you two can essentially withstand anything that comes your way. 

You feel safe, open, and honest with him.

Feeling safe, open, and honest with your partner is one of the most important feelings you can ever feel within a relationship. If your boo makes you feel safe and most importantly, protected, cherish the relationship by all means. 

He loves both your good qualities and bad without making you feel guilty for your flaws.

When a man loves all of your qualities and not just the good ones, you’ve definitely got someone who’s real, honest, and is worth investing in fully. Oftentimes, men are only looking for the surface level, and when a partner loves you for you fully, this is a great green flag to look out for. 

You both have similar goals and lifestyles for the future.

Having similar goals and lifestyles is so important for any relationship to withstand the test of time. Having like-minded goals and lifestyles is a must especially when you’re looking for your forever person. Never settle for less or second best, because you’re worth it all and more.