Alexis Feacher has changed the name of the game when it comes to being a social media icon. Through her stage persona, YungBBQ, Feacher incorporates her sense of humor with her dance moves and has become a fan favorite on social media timelines.

The internet star initially went viral for a few videos where she dressed as a 1960s school girl and danced to Big Ole Freak by Megan Thee Stallion. Not only did the costume catch viewers’ eyes, but her style of dance was also as unique as the character. Feacher’s dance moves are unlike any other. They incorporate her fun and upbeat personality into each move. Feacher instantly grew to social media fame. Many wanted to know who she was and why she was dancing in the middle of the street as carefree as possible.

Now, Feacher is about to embark on her first tour around the country, kicking off in May. She will head to six cities ranging from New York to LA. 21Ninety had the chance to catch up with Feacher at Red Bull’s Dance Your Style Tampa Qualifier to talk about her authenticity in these spaces.

YungBBQ On Being Authentic

Although online it feels as though Feacher has been sure of herself her entire life, she says that wasn’t always so.

“I was always myself, but I was always shy. Like, I would be the person to be at a cookout, but I’ll sit in the car. But it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I was more open and able to just be myself around people who understood my type of humor,” she recalled. “Not gonna lie, 9th grade was a little tough, but I started to get into space where there were a crowd of people who were just like me.”

The unapologetic dancer says she never thought posting videos of her performing online would have this type affect on so many people.

“At first it was I was just like doing it for fun and I really enjoyed the feedback I was getting because people would tell me that they love my content and love who I really am. A lot of people would reach out to me at tell me that Im going to be big,” she said.

Getting Her Start

Feacher has proven that her creativity knows no limits. When she dresses up as a character for her hilarious and entertaining videos, she always seems to nail the look. She has played characters like Sharkboy, an auntie from the 90s and even Ludacris in the “Get Back” music video. Each video racking up over thousands of views, likes and comments.

Feacher says it was relatively easy to merge her dance life and sense of humor together.

“A lot of people could tell you, I always dance. I used to help out with like the football team and I would dance from the sidelines. I was also in different dance groups and dance schools growing up. So just dancing was really who I was and I was also just a naturally goofy person so I just put the two together,” Feacher said.

The dancer mainly just wants people to know that what they’re getting from her is no gimmick. It’s the real her.

“I see people are like, ‘I don’t get it. What is this supposed to be?’ And I’m like, you know, just me being me.”