When we first saw the casting for Toronto dancers for the Rihanna and Drake video after "Work" was released, we knew it would be so quintessentially Caribbean. Then the chatter on Twitter and stolen pics from the parking lot of a Toronto favorite jerk spot appeared and our bodies were not only ready but hungry. The video's imagery made us hungry to hold a cornah with a Red Stripe in hand — only after eating the tastes and smells of the West Indies. So for you culinary enthusiasts who are members of the #Navy and one of the #SixGawd woes, here are the top 10 dishes you want to eat before, during and after watching the "Work" video.

The night of the video shoot, Toronto was at the beginning of the very rude polar vortex. The best way to warm up? Cornmeal porridge, made with freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon, evaporated and condensed milk for a creamy, warm bowl of deliciousness. 

Bun and Cheese

Typically a treat for Easter but who can turn this down? You can find it in most Caribbean bakeries, Thank me later.

Beef Patty and Coco Bread

Beef patties are pretty common to eat on the go, especially in a rush. Just don't forget the coco bread. Yes, it is a carb-on-carb sandwich and you will deal. Bright side? Vegetarian options are available at your local Caribbean bakery.


This is the number 1 starter, staple, sidedish, life-giver in the Caribbean. Plantains are versatile and can be baked, fried, boiled and grilled. 

Every meal needs a side of fried plantain. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is no smell that will start more kitchen battles. Fry it ripe and get a burst of sweet. Fry it green, press and make your own chips.

If sweet plantains had a twin…

The video was shot at the now infamous The Real Jerk. So in between dancehall dance offs pon the dance floor, a plate of this very common but always delicious dish adds more spice to your life. Jerk Chicken with some rice and peas #soweknowitsreal. Get the recipe here.

Jerk Chicken

Curry Goat

Curry Goat is best paired with white rice or rice and peas. Don't deprive yourself. Get the recipe here.

Saltfish and Ackee

There is a reason why this is the national dish of Jamaica. I never met a Jamaican that didn't like saltfish and if you do, don't trust them. If you can't find a local Jamaican restaurant to serve this, you can make your own at home!

*Dance break*

You aren't pulling this off with a full belly, you need strength and stamina. Nothing says those 2 things like carrot juice with Guinness. Don't ask why the mix of ingredients along with nutmeg and condensed milk work, just drink, power up and go. Check disyah recipe for di realness. 


Now if energy is not a concern, Sorrel (spiked hibiscus tea) is a certifiable winner. You can't lose nor stand for too long with this intoxicating choice. Get the recipe here.

Corn soup

If you've ever reached a fete or bashment, you look for the truck selling corn soup when your face hits the fresh air. After dancing and whining  you want something quick, filling and delicious. With large chunks of corn on the cob, potatoes and spinners (boiled dumplings shaped by spinning dough between your hands), it's the perfect way to end the night of good times and good vibes. Some warm corn soup will do wonders for those cold nights when you're leaving a Canadian club in a see-through dress. 

Ready to work, work, work on these plates? Yaaasss.