Let's face it, we all wish for stronger nails, thick luscious hair and clear skin. But how exactly do we achieve all of this? Well, we need to add some collagen into our lives, sis. I have been using some form of collagen in my life for the last two years, and I have steadily noticed a difference in my overall skin, hair and nail health.

According to Healthy Cells Magazine, collagen makes up 70% of the protein in our skin. It's also one of the primary structural proteins in joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, hair, fingernails, blood vessels, spinal discs, the intestinal wall, and the blood-brain barrier.

Collagen is the glue that holds us together — I mean, when you think about it the name comes from the Greek word “glue" after all. Collagen really does connect and hold everything together. So, why do we need to eat Collagen anyway, if it’s already inside our body?

Well, for two reasons: 

– Our bodies lose their ability to make collagen as we age

– Collagen also starts to break down more rapidly thanks to instances like smoking, stress, excess sun exposure, changes in digestion and hormones, physical activity and changes in diet

Without an abundance of collagen in our system, our skin can be subject to sagging and wrinkling. With collagen in our system, however, it provides the amino acids our body needs to produce youthful skin — plus beautiful hair, long nails, and healthy joints. 

The supplement is not only an essential staple for your beauty routine, but it also provides significant benefits to our entire bodies. If you’re limiting collagen to just one quick dose in the morning, you are missing out on some key advantages.  

Here are three easy, effective ways to add collagen to your everyday routine:

1. use In the morning to promote beautiful skin

Supplemental collagen has been proven to help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkling and may even protect against the aging effects of sunlight. And if you’re concerned about your gut, collagen can help with that. It works to heal and restore the lining of the gut and when you take it regularly, your food is more effectively digested, leading to better nutrient absorption. 

Vital Proteins is my favorite brand for high-quality collagen protein. I add two tablespoons of collagen peptides to either my coffee or tea every morning. Or, if I am rushed for time, I will take two tablets.

2.  use Mid-day to keep you chill

Collagen contains glycine, which helps decrease anxiety and promote mental clarity and calmness. Add collagen to that afternoon latte or smoothie to help improve focus and mental alertness.

3. use Post-workout to keep muscles & joints strong

Nutritionists always recommend a protein-rich snack after a workout to help sore muscles and joints recover. That’s where a good collagen supplement comes in. It is not only a good protein source, but it also helps to manage inflammation and reduce joint pain.

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