Winter's not half bad if you're warm and comfortable. For most of us, winter fashion is all about staying snug and warm. This includes comfy layers, neutral colors, chunky knit sweaters and lots of denim. Here are four of my favorite outfit ideas that make up my wardrobe during the winter months:

Solid Color Head Wraps 

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Not only can head wraps protect your hair, but they can keep you stylish and warm this winter season. We don’t want to style our hair every day (weather and mood included). Fashionably speaking, a cute headwrap can amp up any outfit. 

Black on Black

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This is one of my favorite combos. My closet in the winter consists of black, grey, and other dark colors. Black can also go with pretty much anything. I can accessorize however I want. This provides a lot of opportunities to dress an outfit up or down depending on your quirks and style. The same outfit could be casual, semi-professional, or semi-formal depending on what you are going for.

Colorful High Waisted Pants 

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What else can I say about this winter fashion idea? This take on high-waisted trousers has "boss lady" written all over it — and you should try it immediately.

Sweater Weather 

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I could go on forever about why sweaters are a staple favorite in everyone’s wardrobe this winter season. The main reasons are, of course, they are comfortable, seasonal and come in so many forms (cardigans, sweaters, you get the gist). Now that you understand the true power and pure awesomeness of sweaters. Feel free to buy one in every material, shape, and color.

What are some of your favorite outfits to wear when it’s cold outside?

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