If you're looking for some workout motivation from Black fitness YouTubers, we've got you covered! We've listed a few Black YouTubers who know how to bring the pain from ab workouts to full body workouts. Take a look.

Toni Mitchell  

Not only is Toni Mitchell gorgeous and fit, but she also films easy-to-follow workout videos and tips she's learned throughout her fitness journey. Not to mention, to compliment her fit lifestyle, Toni also eats clean. She's a vegan who shares what she eats with her audience through "What I Eat in a Day" and "Full Day of Eating on a Vegan Diet" videos. 

Brittne Babe 

Brittne Babe is the epitome of Black #fitnessgoals. Watch one of her videos, and you're bound to get motivated to prioritize strength training. Her channel offers fitness tips, workout routines, and recipes. 

Obi Vincent 

If you're a guy looking for some strength training tips, Obi Vincent is a great mentor. Born in the UK, Obi is a Black fitness YouTuber who specializes in weight training. He's also heavy into CrossFit and bodybuilding, so you'll always be challenging your body in the best possible way.


Full-body workouts are crucial to achieving a well-rounded, fit body. SimplyShana's videos can help you do just that. Her channel features weight loss videos, cooking videos, and workout videos focusing on specific parts of the body.

Simeon Panda

Take a look at Simeon Panda, and you'll be blown away at his ripped body! Of all of the Black fitness YouTubers we've mentioned, Simeon has the largest following. At more than two million subscribers, Simeon has been dominating the YouTube fitness game since 2006. Although he has a bodybuilding physique, his workout videos are beginner-friendly. He shows off low-impact versions of his intense workouts, too, so you don't have to be intimidated by his regimen.