Ok ladies, it's time to get real with ourselves. How many of us like going out alone? I'm sure there are plenty, but for some, (myself included) it might take us a while to get comfortable with going out into public alone.

I used to hate the thought of going out alone — not to the grocery store or any ordinary activity, but going to do something that I’d only done with say an ex or friends. And, the thing is, the more I got out of my comfort zone and started taking myself out on dates every once in a while, the more life-changing lessons I learned along the way. Not only did I go out solo, from movies to dinner dates, but I also started doing activities that maybe some of my friends or partner didn't want to do, leading me to try things that I’d never tried before, which was exhilarating. Going out alone is so beneficial for self-care and self-awareness. Your self-confidence will come easier. Trust me on this.

Here are five self-dates to help get you started:

Go to a movie-Trust us its liberating

If we’d fight through our fears and go to that movie or concert alone without worry of judgment, we’d have a fun time. Because of these fears, we could potentially be missing out on a pleasurable experience. So, pick a movie, grab that popcorn and candy and sit back and relax sis. You've earned it. 

One night at a hotel, staycation it up

This is where Groupon or hotwire.com comes in handy. Maybe you want to find a cute little bed and breakfast, or maybe you want to live it up and grab a 4 and 5-star hotel at a discounted price, but make sure it's filled with all the amenities. Of course, be sure to take advantage of it all, comfy robes and room service, hot tub, spa, etc.

Stargaze or Cloudwatch, get lost in the sky

You know what's fresh and confusing and pretty all at the same time? Stars. You can spend a lot of time looking at them and never really get bored, am I right? While you sit back, relax and enjoy the view, you might find relief in knowing that you don't have to make conversation with anyone. You can simply enjoy your own company.

Take yourself out for dinner and wine-yes wine and dine yourself

Who says you need a date to treat you to lunch? It’s your self-date day, so pick your favorite restaurant or a new spot you have been dying to try, indulge in all of the ice cream or heavily topped pizzas you’d like without any judgmental glances. Do you, sis. Do You.

Take yourself to the park and have a picnic

Picnics are a great stress buster ladies. Grab some fresh air and head to your local park with your homemade picnic food, something to read or listen to and get to relaxing.

So the next time you feel stressed or lonely, remember that you should always be your best company. Be filled with the energy that you, yes you, can still take yourself out on a date. So, what are you waiting for? 

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