We can agree that saving money can be a struggle. There’s always a bill to pay, food costs are increasing, and it’s just a challenge to somehow keep money in the bank.

Yet, saving money is crucial to living our best life…now and in the future. You see, not only does it protect us from unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, but it also positions us to accomplish our major goals. 

When there are savings in the bank, you’re less likely to stress when a “rainy day” comes. You’ll be prepared and able to bounce back quicker.

So, how do you begin to save your hard-earned dollars? What habits can you embrace to start padding your account and protecting your future?

Today, we’ll highlight a 5-step action plan to help you save $1,000 within the next 90 days!

#1 Treat Your Savings Like a Bill

First, get into the mindset and habit of “paying” your savings as you do any other monthly expense. In other words, treat it like a bill…and pay it first! 

Just as you pay your cell phone, cable, and car note on time, your savings should have the same respect.

#2 Have a Separate Savings Account from Your Everyday Bank 

The temptation to spend your savings is real. If you see it daily, it can be harder to overcome the urge to get that Coach handbag on sale.

Instead, establish a separate savings from your everyday banking account. There are several online savings accounts that offer great interest rates and benefits like $0 monthly fees.

#3 Eliminate Unused Subscriptions

When’s the last time you logged into your Hulu or Amazon Prime account? Or, how about your last visit to Planet Fitness? Although these subscriptions are only $7, $10, or about $15/month, they can add up! Especially if you’re not using them.

Check your bank and credit card statements and begin canceling subscriptions you’re not using. 

They’ll probably tempt you with a lower offer but don’t cave in. This money could be going towards your own business, you know, something more aligned with your goals!

#4 Find a Coupon

Making an online purchase? Planning to order food or groceries? Search and see if there’s a coupon available. Sites like RetailMeNot Coupons make it easy to see what savings you can snag by simply adding a promo code at checkout.

Other ideas include joining your favorite retailer’s email list (i.e. their birthday or anniversary club) or rewards club to get additional savings. Finally, your local newspaper still hosts a ton of coupons on Sunday.

These savings can really add up. Enjoy!

#5 Save $168 Every Time You Get Paid

Now that you’re cutting some costs by getting rid of subscriptions and using coupons, the final step to saving $1,000 in the next 90 days is by paying yourself $168 every time you get paid–assuming you’re paid bi-weekly or twice a month.

However, if $168 is too rich for your blood at the moment, cut it in half by saving $84 each pay period. 

Here’s the magic behind building a savings habit: Once you start doing so, more opportunities will come your way, allowing you to pay yourself even more. 

The key is to start where you can and watch amazing things begin to happen. Much success!