What's holding you back from living your best life? Is it your job? Is it your family and friends? Or is it simply you? Whatever the case, negativity can seep in and weigh you down, making you question your purpose in life. But we're here to show you how to take back control and live your life to its fullest potential.


Living life without goals is a sure way to lose direction and make your way down the wrong path. But when you set intentions, you're more likely to act with purpose and drive. Set your intentions with a mantra. For example, saying, "I'm living my best life" over and over can help you maintain a positive attitude and help set you up for goal manifestation.


Visualization goes hand-in-hand with intention-setting. Having a clear vision will help you imagine your dreams and picture how life will be once your goals have manifested. Because taking action may seem intimidating and scary, visualization can help motivate you to take action.

For example, you may want to be a homeowner one day. Picture yourself holding the keys to your new home, walking through your inviting foyer, or cooking in your spacious kitchen. These visualizations can help mobilize you to do what it takes to complete this goal. So you'll be more likely to work towards saving money for a down payment and/or improving your credit score to get the home you've always wanted.


Being motivated to succeed is an amazing trait to have. But don't allow yourself to become so blinded by your goals that you haven't even considered failing.  Living your best life involves being prepared for failures and not becoming defeated by them. Accept that failing is okay and work towards overcoming your failures as well as learning from them. Doing so will help you eventually come out on top.

Living your best life means being happy and at peace with your life, not living a perfect life. Follow these tips to achieve overall happiness.