It’s time to bring trick-or-treating to your kitchen. If you are a sweet lover, there are a variety of Halloween-inspired baked items you can bake at home. Your coworkers, classmates, and friends will love it when you bring homemade treats to spoil the bunch. Just warn them that you are not responsible for sugar overloads or toothaches. 

Here are five Halloween cookie ideas for sweet lovers to try.

Dirt Pudding

Turn this childhood favorite treat into a new Halloween staple. To make dirt pudding, all you will need is pudding mix, a package of Oreos, gummy worms, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, heavy cream and whole milk. In just 10 minutes, you can put together this no-bake treat. You are sure to have a crowd-pleaser on your hands. 

Frankenstein Crispy Treats

You become the mad scientist when you make these Frankenstein Crispy Treats. You’ll use food coloring for the green complexion, marshmallows for the bolts, and chocolate for the hair. Pop this in the fridge for a little more than an hour for a chilled, delicious Halloween treat.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

You can’t go wrong with a classic pumpkin sugar cookie for Halloween! You can top them off with brown sugar or go all out with icing decorations. These are perfect if you are hosting a party or trick-or-treaters. 

Red Velvet Cookies

Chocolate lovers, these red velvet cookies are the Halloween treat for you. It’s chock-full of chocolate chips, rich cocoa powder, and red velvet cake. This festive treat will leave you craving a glass of milk!

Graveyard Brownies

If you’re looking for a spooky treat to celebrate this season, look no further than these graveyard brownies. You don’t need to be an expert baker to make this crafty dessert, as all it requires is baked brownies, Milano cookies, black decorating gel, candy pumpkins, and green buttercream frosting.