Not all of us are born with stunning lashes, and thanks to the beauty industry, there is a solution for that. If you are looking for the ultimate lash boosting ingredient, serums can be an excellent choice for enhancing length. Here are some amazing brands to try!


This FDA-approved product is highly effective when used according to directions. The item requires a prescription, and according to the American Academy of Opthalmology, Latisse can thicken and darken the lashes, however it does has some side effects, many of which disappear after you stop using the item. For the most part, there have been raving reviews online about the product and it’s effectiveness.

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Smart FX Eyelash Enhancer

This fast-acting lash serum is top-rated and non-irritating. The lash enhancement formula is both powerful and gentle because it helps to give people thick, long and full in as little as 30 days without hurting the eyes. Some of the ingredients in the item include Glycerin and Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

R+F Lash Serum

This premium lash serum is well known for nourishing the lashes to promote longer, healthier and vibrant lashes. To achieve the maximum results, manufacturer’s advice that the serum should be applied consistently every night, AND only along the upper lines of the lashes.

This vitamin-infused serum has a variety of antioxidants that work together to make lashes healthier, thicker and longer. With active ingredients like  glycosaminoglycans and amino acids, this cruelty-free product is definitely one to try for volume and an extra layer of oomph to the lashes.


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LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to accentuate and add volume to their lashes. Sometimes, mascara can only do so much. LashFood does not need a prescription, it’s easy to use as well as gentle on the eyes. If you struggle with weak and brittle lashes, this is the premium solution. 


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