Have you ever asked yourself the question: What inspires me?

Or better yet, have you ever listened to an inspirational talk or read an inspirational book that spoke to you? Or, maybe you watched an inspirational film that resonated with you! Ask yourself, how do you feel after? It's usually a feeling of inspiration or motivation, right? You're fired up and ready to take on anything in your path, and you’re bursting with confidence.

So, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. I want to talk about my journey listening to motivational speakers and how it positively changed my outlook on life.

When it comes to motivational speeches I have to admit that I was a bit of a skeptic. I used to think they were all gimmicks and a way to provide false hope to people. I figured, the only one who could change my circumstances was me and only me, and no video could change that.  

But it wasn't long after this that I discovered that regularly watching motivational videos had a significant impact on my life. Now, it’s my own experience, and I can’t guarantee that these said videos will have the same impact on your life.  I can only confirm how my own life has changed after adopting this one daily habit.

It all started on my way to work. You see, I have a long commute, typically an hour each way.

I decided one morning that instead of listening to my usual roundup of music, I would launch a random motivational video and listen to it during my drive. I stumbled upon Lisa Nichol's speech, “Step Into Your Purpose,” where she delves into how to step into your intention and manifest the life you want. 

Something I would never have expected to have about this experience was the fact that it gave me more energy and more drive almost immediately. I then developed a routine, finding more inspiring #bosswomen to uplift me and motivate me to reach my real potential.  

As I paid attention to each speaker in these videos, I started looking around at my life a little more — at the things I took for granted; at the habits I’d formed for comfort rather than for my dreams, at the opportunities that I missed and the decisions I didn’t make out of fear of rejection and change.

The thing is, I learned that the real purpose of a motivational speech is to get you, the audience, to do something different because the speaker has reached you and has convinced you to step outside of your comfort zone. The only reason to give a speech like this is to help change the world, right? And, we all know world-changing starts with the audience right in front of the speaker.

So, instead of you scouring thousands of motivational videos on YouTube, I thought I would help ease the pain and recommend a few of my favorite clips that will tell you how to boost your productivity and live an overall more fulfilling life. 

Here are some of the best motivational speakers by #BlackGirlBosses on Youtube for inspiration. 

1. Step Into Your Life Purpose | Lisa Nichols | Evercoach by Mindvalley

2. The power of defining yourself | Amma asante | tedx talks

3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable | Luvvie ajayi | TED

4. Iyanla: The Powerful Advice That Boosts Your Self Esteem | Iyanla Vanzant | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Online | OWN


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