We often take note of the red flags to look out for in others, but we rarely ever take note of the red flags to look out for in ourselves. Sometimes our own red flags can truly go under our nose if we let it, though it’s important for us to realize that the only way we can truly live a more fulfilling life is if we let go of the old and embrace the new. Oftentimes our red flags can be a result of how others might have treated us in the past, our experiences, and even our environments. Consciously recognizing these toxic traits can help us to not only take control of our lives, but can help us embrace our true selves in the process. Here are five red flags to look out for that you may have not considered before.


Making excuses for other people’s behavior

We can’t control the actions of other people, but we most certainly can control our own actions and excuses for their behavior. Making excuses for another’s behavior is one of the best ways to bring yourself down vibrationally. Don’t let the actions of others manipulate you and your viewpoint on them as this can be extremely damaging when it comes to building healthy connections and relationships.


Not speaking up due to a fear of rejection/conflict

When you don’t speak up for what’s right or how you really feel surrounding a situation, this can lead you into experiencing inner turmoil and agony. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself as the opinions and beliefs others may have of you as a result really don’t matter. We can get ourselves into difficult situations that fall within people-pleasing, and it’s never okay when we have to accommodate ourselves to make others feel more comfortable within themselves.


Criticizing and putting ourselves or others down

Negative self-talk is a truly limiting belief. When we criticize ourselves it’s easy to criticize others as a result. End the cycle of abuse today by cultivating happier thoughts for yourself. This will definitely help to boost your mood and your happiness in the long run.


Allowing people to cross our boundaries

People will only cross the line if we let them, and it’s important that we can truly begin to establish healthy boundaries with the people in our lives that can help us to build a better relationship with ourselves and others.



Basing our worth on people’s validation/approval

Basing our worth off of other people’s validation and approval is one of the best ways we can limit ourselves and our true potential. Don’t let other people dictate who you are or who you aren’t, you’re more powerful than any external perception, and you definitely have more power than you truly realize.